10 Everyday Items That Are Litter of The Most Damaging Bacteria, Dirt and Contamination

10 Everyday Items That Are Litter of The Most Damaging Bacteria, Dirt and Contamination

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Hand washing is mandatory for a reason. Every day, we have contact with a variety of bacteria that can negatively affect our health if we irregularly take care of hand hygiene. There is some everyday stuff for which we are not aware of how much of the bacteria is on them.

Computer keyboard

It sounds bizarre, but the keys are dirtier than the toilet, continually in touch with bacteria and do not clean often enough. Mostly we do not forget to flush the toilet, but we forget about the keyboard.

Mobile phones

Like the keyboard, mobile phones are in constant contact with bacteria, probably more than a keyboard, given how often we use them. We use phones regularly, everywhere and for many needs, and how often do we clean them?


We can not even imagine where the money we hold in our hands was before. Thousands of hands touched him, and they were not all clean.

Kitchen objects

Cutting boards, sinks, sponges – they all contain more bacteria than a toilet bowl. A kitchen is a place that is regularly washed and cleaned, but that’s why many bacteria stay on the sponge and other objects. Use a dishwasher to rinse the sink and sponge.


It is clear that the toilet bowl is one of the dirtiest items in our home, not to mention public toilets. Both inside and outside, everything is messy, and microorganisms are found everywhere. In fact, there are at least 3.2 million microorganisms on them.

Remote control

Although remote controllers are of crucial importance in our lives, they are still filthy. Keep this in mind when the next time you eat popcorn while watching a movie after touching a dirty remote control.

Door handle

There are many knobs that we touch every day, from the office to public toilets, shops, cafes. And they are often, or not, cleaned. It is not difficult to imagine people who, on returning from the bathroom, touched the knob, without having to wash their hands before.


Not only is the money dirty, but the device itself. Bacteria that cause diarrhea can be found on them, and they are also found in the toilets.

Baskets in supermarkets

Thousands of people go through supermarkets every day, and everybody uses their baskets. They are best cleaned once a week, but of course, this is not enough. The only solution is antibacterial wipes and hand washing at home.

Lemon in your favorite drink

Everyone has a drink after a busy day. Keep in mind that the lemon slice in the cocktail contains lots of bacteria. They are touched by a waiter who touches many dirty things in a cafe.

Still, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Perhaps it is much healthier to relax and not think about it too much. Or, it’s a smart move to carry a bottle of antibacterial spray, a mask and a couple of gloves with you all the time.

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