3 Excellent Ways to Feed Your Mind and Preserve Memory for Later

 3 Excellent Ways to Feed Your Mind and Preserve Memory for Later

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The world we live in, seems sometimes, turns too fast. You just moved to the dorm room yesterday, yet, here you are, in the mid-forties, can’t remember the last two digits of your social number. And we accept all as a part of our nature, a regular and inevitable aging process. We wait for old ages peacefully, and slightly lose a feeling of real life around us. It is unacceptable. Every change in our mind, its memory and vitality depend on a considerable number of causes, and aging is just one small part of them. The question is, how do we feed our mind? In the end, it is not a body that is rapidly aging, but rather a brain.

Memory loss is not a human destiny. It can be a challenge to poor nutrition, harmful habits, stress, trauma, lack of sleep and many other triggers. Dementia, or Alzheimer, whatever we need to identify the problem, is a disease that is growing and affects millions of people. By the end of 2050, only in America, more than 14 million people will be affected by memory loss. What is most striking – the age limit of people with memory problems is increasingly drawing in advance.

Three fundamental steps on how to increase the memory capacity

Will the human race let this modern medical epidemic unconsciously to happen, which takes more lives a year than cancer? Will we adapt ourselves to the fact of stop being young in the 30s? Just to sit and wait for the worst to come, losing memory, beautiful moments, knowledge; Or humans can learn more about their own mental and physical health? To do that, it is necessary to get to know the primary weapon to fight diseases such as dementia and memory loss.

Feed your mind

First, your brain needs healthy food. Literally. By colors, your plate should always be beautifully colorful. Try to bring as many fruits and vegetables, red, green, yellow … Fresh foods are the best to boost memory. You need to feed your brain with phytonutrients and antioxidants are a real defense system for all attacks that can damage your mind. Nutritionally, your food must contain a lot of protein, healthy fats and vitamins. Proper nutrition will properly form your body but also to allow your brain to work smoothly and keep your memory intact.

If we say that Alzheimer is now called type 3 diabetes, then it is evident what kind of influence processed foods, trans fats, sugar, and additives have on your memory.

Start moving

You noticed in your environment at least one elderly person who is considerably more vital and more mobile than his peers. Mobility and any kind of physical activity have a positive impact on the brain and strong memory, not only for seniors but also for young people. Movement, muscle activation stimulates brain activity, blood flow, metabolism, and at the same time considerably lessen stress. So, take a walk, go hiking, or play tennis with your friends. All these activities at a young age allow you vital memory for the lifetime.

Give yourself a break

Nothing can usurp life like stress and lack of sleep. It may seem to you that you have enough strength to continue, but all of this load will one day hit you like a tsunami and crush your memory like it never was there. Give yourself the right to control the stressful situations in your life and rest. Rest and dreams are vital functions if you want a healthy mind and a fresh memory.

Minimize the job. Get out of the fresh air. When you go to bed, turn off the lights and all the devices that interrupt you. Give your mind a recovery that deserves. Remember, all the problems and responsibilities will wait for you till tomorrow, but the memory you have kept for years, recollections of beautiful moments, loved ones, adventures, joys, can disappear in one day.

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