7 Home Remedies for Cold from Different Parts of the World

7 Home Remedies for Cold from Different Parts of the World

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When the winter comes, cold and flu are all around us. Different parts of the world, of course, have different climatic conditions. While in Europe we are struggling with low temperatures in December, Thailand has the perfect time for swimming. However, what brings us together is the fact that we all catch a cold sometimes. And then, who knows better to heal us than mom and her home remedies? Wherever we live, in Ireland, Florida or Madagascar, the traditional treatments for cold are part of the national folklore. Warm soup, lemon or garlic are universal remedies and here are 7 home treatments from all over the world:


  1. North America – the citizens of the North American continent have many advantages as they have inherited a lot of wisdom and homemade from Native Americans. Women who used to practice medicine once left a recipe for an excellent drug against cold. It is necessary to put two tablespoons of chickweed and mullein leaves in 2.5 dl of the boiled water. Leave for 30 minutes to stand, then drink the beverage while it is warm.
  2. South Africa – As in most parts of the planet, garlic is a well-known antibiotic in this African country. It is an addition to the soup as a cold fighter. Also, South-Africans practice inhalation with boiled water and a little turmeric. The steam of this fluid has positive effects on the nose and respiratory paths. Another advice from South Africa – make homemade syrup against a cough, with black pepper and honey. A great medicine.
  3. Serbia – Grandma healed us with caramel drink since ever. It’s easy to prepare it, by dipping three spoons of sugar into a pot to melt, then add a cup of milk. Mix it until the beverage gets a brownish color. With caramel milk, the trick is to drink it as warmly as you can. This remedy is an excellent fighter against a cough, bronchitis, and winter cold.
  4. Columbia – in the high mountainous regions of the northwestern Colombian tribe, medicines have been used to fight against stuffed nose since ancient times. They belive that “stinking” things actually have the most healing properties. The Tyrone tribe uses a small crucible to open the breathing channels in a nose, in which they put crushed garlic, broken bay leaves and gently crushed muskat.
  5. In Japan, umeboshi-sour plums are used to treat fever. Pour the warm green tea over it, then drink it for reducing the symptoms of cold and illness. The same, in Japan, ginger is one of the most used preventive medicines, in a mixture with honey and lemon.
  6. Scotland – Scottish people treat cold with domestic rum with a slight of peppermint. This fantastic and delicious combination was a real rescue for the Scottish navy through history. Also, if you caught a cold in Scotland, they’ll make your a nettle tea and recommend to walk along the sea so that you can breathe a lot of air and some sea salt.
  7. China may have the most famous alternative medicine in the world. That’s why many Chinese home remedies can be found today in the form of pills and supplements in many stores. There is the term”pak fah yeow” and refers to clear oil in which the composition includes: wintergreen, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint oils. In translation, this term means White Flower Oil, and in the case of a cold, it is used by rubbing in the chest or with a gentle massage on the back. It reduces inflammation, bronchitis, cough, and smaller quantities can be put on the nostrils, to clear the breathing paths.

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