7 Signs Of Chronic Stress That You Cannot Afford To Ignore!

7 Signs Of Chronic Stress That You Cannot Afford To Ignore!

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Chronic Stress

Are you stressed all the time?

Stress is a regular part of life, and according to some researchers, a little stress may not be severe for us. A small amount of pressure is right because it boosts your mental and physical function. But, when you are stressed all the time that is called chronic stress.

Chronic stress can cause immense health damage, and it can be very harmful, while acute, or so-called, short-term stress may boost our cognitive function.

Here are some signs that you are under a lot of stress

 Headaches. A headache is directly associated with a level of stress. How? Well, stress can cause your muscles to contract, and contractions in the muscles of head regions lead to stress headaches. They are also known as tension headaches.

These tension headaches feel like a clamp squeezing the back of your head or your forehead, and the frequency of these headaches depends on your level of stress.

Digestive problems. High levels of stress may cause diarrhea and constipation. According to some new researchers, chronic stress increases stomach acid production, which in turn results in digestive problems like diarrhea, constipation, and sometimes nausea.

Appetite changes are indeed the sign of too much stress. Changes in appetite are widespread during times of stress, and these changes may cause fluctuations in weight during stressful periods.  For example, when you feel stressed out, you may find yourself either with no appetite at all or maybe raiding the refrigerator in the middle of the night.

And what about hormones and changes in libido?

Stress produces a hormone called cortisol. It suppresses the sex hormones in both men and women. So, both sexes might experience a loss of libido. For example, men are facing issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, so If you get every night as “not tonight honey,” maybe you need to consider that it might be the stress talking.

Frequent sickness, like persistent cold and cough, can also be the sign that you are under stress.

Stress can attack your immune system and cause increased susceptibility to infections. Our body produces several types of white blood cells called lymphocytes that prevent disease, but chronic stress increases levels of the stress hormone corticosteroid, which lowers the production of these lymphocytes, leaving us with low immunity levels.

A lot of stress can also cause acute pain in the neck, and if your neck and shoulder muscles are always tense, it’s most probably because of pressure. If you are still stressed, pay attention because that can cause extreme muscle tension in your neck and shoulders. A hot shower can help to ease the pressure in these muscles and a relaxing neck massage from your spouse would be perfect in this case.

Skin health. Lifeless skin and also poor hair are one of the signs that you are under a lot of stress. Dopamine has an essential role in stress, and that is the redirection of blood flow. So, if you are facing some changes related to your skin, maybe even a loss of hair, that is most likely caused by chronic stress.

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