Age Difference Between Children – The Best Time Span Between Two Pregnancies is About Two Years

Age Difference Between Children – The Best Time Span Between Two Pregnancies is About Two Years

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The Difference Between Children Should Be at Least 18 Months

For a long time, they have speculated about the difference between two pregnancies-how long should a woman wait before she gets childbirth again. Many parents want their children to be around the same age, to grow up together and to build a more intimate relationship. Also, a large number of moms and dads believe that the minor difference is a mitigating circumstance in the education and upbringing of children.

However, according to a new study by the US Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the difference between children should not be small. Medical experts advise waiting at least 18 months before the second pregnancy, which means that the difference between children should be slightly more than two years.

Women’s Body Needs Recovery

The recommendations of the World Health Organization say that it is ideal between pregnancies to pass two years. There are firm and well-founded reasons why doctors advise to take this pause and keep women from a quick next pregnancy.

The female body actually needs to recover entirely from one pregnancy and childbirth in order to be ready for the next and to avoid possible negative consequences, it speeds up the next pregnancy both, mother and the newborn children. Namely, experts believe that women who are already pregnant in the first year after childbirth, increase the chances to give birth before time. The risk exists not only for mother but also by the baby because, in the case of a small gap between births, the risk of deformity is higher in the newborn children.

Possible Risk With Small Gap Between Two Childbirths- Premature Labor, Low Birth Weight

The latest scientific research in Canada does not dispute this risk if the gap between children is less than a year but shows that after that year, the risk almost doesn’t exist. According to them, the ideal difference between two pregnancies is for a year to a year and a half.

A study of 150,000 pregnancies in Canada throughout 10 years showed that if a pregnancy occurs within a space of less than a year, for a mother under 35 years of age, then there is no risk for her, but there is for her baby. Possible risks are premature labor, low birth weight, but also the biggest, that is, the risk of fetal death or children dying in the first year of life. In women older than 35, the risk is even higher because it is not only the baby that is exposed to it but also the mother. The threat is the highest if between two pregnancies pass less than nine months.

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