Aging Parents – Warning Signs and What Should We Do

Aging Parents – Warning Signs and What Should We Do

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The most trusting people you know are probably your parents. Whole life, their voice counts. As they are, sometimes exhausting, too ambitious or on the other side, less interested in our lives, they represent the mainstay of the family and the voice of sanity. Sadly, as the years pass by, you can see them aging and changing a lot. And what happens when the mainstay is not so long that strong and reliable as it used to be?

The fact that our parents are getting old is one of the truths that affect us the most. We are aware that time brings changes to each of us, but it is difficult to accept that sometimes, they can’t make a clear decision, forget about your birthday or can’t recognize own street. Children suppose to be around their parents, it is the rule of nature. If not physically, than to let them know they care. It equally means taking care of them when they grow old. Whenever that happens, it will always be too early for everyone’s child. However, you need to notice the first symptoms of aging in your parents and evaluate the speed of the changes. It is essential to discover if your folk’s behavior comes out of the regular aging process or not, and provide adequate assistance.

How to make a difference? You need to consider a few important points related to your aging parents.

Notice if there are changes in their physical appearance and the household keeping

The first signs of aging people are reflected on the face. Your parents have always been people of style, sophisticated and well dressed. However, if you have recently noticed that your mother is not able to do her hairstyle anymore, and your dad is not practicing his routine hygienic habits, these may be the first symptoms of dementia, depression or some physical inability to perform usual things in the morning. It’s the same with maintenance and cleaning at home. You need to observe, besides, of course, typical old-people flaws, if they arranged the furniture illogically, are they leaving things to the wrong places, continually losing and forgetting.

Frequent forgetting can suggest a loss of memory

We are all forgetting some things, every day. It happens due to aging, yes, but also with too many obligations, more actions at the same time, due to lack of time. In older people, it is even more pronounced. Your parents do not have the same mental abilities as you, and forgetting can also be the side effect of some medications they might be taking. But if they forget, for example, driving a car or not being able to go shopping alone, it’s a severe loss of memory. You may notice the first symptoms and consult a doctor if:

– Your parents often ask one and the same question

– They are not able to recognize the place they are in

– They can not follow instructions

– Forgetting to turn off devices

– They are often getting confused during the conversation

Your parents have poor physical abilities?

Aging refers to most of the strength of our body. And if vital, elderly people slowly lose their physical abilities and agility. It may be difficult for your aging parents to accept it, which is the most common cause of injuries. If one of them, or both, often falls, they are hurting, or have a difficulty to move up the stairs, it’s time to consult a doctor about medicines that could help. Also, help them to adapt the home for more effortless movement. Remove unnecessary doors, put handrails and fences next to the stairs, remove thresholds.

They are not capable of driving anymore?

It is very important that you, as a responsible person, notice whether it is time to give up driving. If you estimate that your father or mother no longer has eyes and reflexes to drive a vehicle, it’s time to talk to them and convince them to give up driving for security reasons.

Also, with physical weaknesses, your aging parents will very likely go through weight loss. They say that old people are diminishing. In fact, they lose their appetite, because the taste and smell are considerably weaker. Be careful, weight loss and weakness may be indications of some harsh disease, so it is necessary to mention them medical checks and to provide them with moral and financial assistance if required.

Your aging parents lost interest in socializing?

Older people need a lot of attention, just like children. If any couple is lucky enough, they will grow old together. However, in most cases, one of them will lose a partner and become to feel lonely. Unfortunately, sometimes, if it happens to your parent sooner, you can see them surrounding, getting mentally old and weak before they start aging.

Mental conditions, such as depression, lead to the feeling of helplessness in the physical sense. Sooner or later, people with such problems lose their will for life and quit. You have to notice in time, whether your parent has a similar problem. An important fact is how do they choose topics for conversation. Another one, don’t let them give up their life hobbies.

The way one person walks can tell a lot about his mental state. Observe your mum or dad, especially after some injury or procedure. Do they move with a firm and powerful step, or is their movement unstable and full of fear? Fear and lack of will lead to the situation of people closing in with themselves, and without social interactions, they quickly grow old. Life becomes more difficult, not only for the person who suffers but also for who is responsible and caring for him.

There are many ways to help your parents. Even if they still can do everything themselves, which is great news, you need to think about the future. Talk is the most valuable thing to do. Ask questions, give suggestions, and discuss crucial aging issues. They need to know that you are involved in their lives the same as they are in yours. Encourage them for everyday habits, and obligations. You must go through medical exams with them, even if you do not live nearby.

Older people need to be provided with adequate conditions and safety. It’s nice to be around when they need to fix something, install or replace in the house. But if life goes beyond your birthplace and you are not able to visit your aging parents every day, consider taking home care, that is, professional help that will ease everyday life, and make you feel calmer.

Give them love and pay back the attention you received during the careless growing up. The very fact that you want to be involved and to hear how they spent a day will mean a world to your aging  parents.

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