All the Reasons Why the Energy Drinks are Bad For Your Child

All the Reasons Why the Energy Drinks are Bad For Your Child

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Very popular on the list of Western diets, energy drinks have found the way to almost every family. This sweet drinks for the purpose have to boost your energy and give you extra strength throughout the day. However, many parents consider energy drinks proper for their children, that is not harmful, only because they are not alcoholic, and although they are not prohibited by the government.

However, many  European countries are trying to ban the use of energy drinks in young people under the age of 16 and warn of their harmful effects.

What are the energy drinks?

It is a carbonate beverage which contains a lot of caffeine. A single can is twice as high as the coffee cup. Besides, one of the main ingredients is also sugar. All these ingredients and there are more, such as guarana, carnitine, and taurine, have the job of raising the level of energy in the body, giving it a sense of greater stamina and alertness. However, for years, many healthcare organizations have warned of the harmful effects that can occur after consuming them

Why are energy drinks not suitable for children?

The first thing – they have “zero nutritional value,” and why should we give them to children? This is neither juice nor refreshment, and far from being a needing dose of fluid intake for the day. A significant presence of caffeine and other boosters in children can cause hypertension, nausea, dizziness, rapid heart rate, insomnia, hyperactivity, and many other troubles.

If we can see obesity as one of the leading problems in raising children, energy drinks, as well as carbonated beverages, are an essential factor in gaining unwanted weight.

What is the biggest concern of pediatric experts, regarding adolescents, is the high percentage of those who take energy drinks in combination with alcohol. Both of them are harmful to the health of the youth, and together they present a real danger that can lead to severe illness and damage to health. Over 50% of adolescents in Britain tried energy drink with vodka, as a form of entertainment and experimentation in individual years, which, unfortunately, very often leads to further use of more severe substances or drugs.

How to reduce their presence?

In adults, the intake of this beverage is not so harmful, however, everyone should be cautious with them. Many cases of excessive consumption of caffeine are known, especially mixed with alcohol. People often lose control of their actions, and their awareness is shaken. On the other hand, chronic patients and patients with specific therapy should not consume any because they can damage their health.

Reducing the availability of similar products to young people, educating in schools or treating energy drinks as a type of food that does not belong to a regular – daily diet would reduce everyday problems of children’s use of energy boosters. Creating awareness and getting acquainted with healthy food and lifestyle are the responsibility of parents, the school, and everyone in common so that children can grow up happily and appropriately.

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