Are Sunbeds Really Harmful and Should We Avoid Them?

Are Sunbeds Really Harmful and Should We Avoid Them?

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The obsession with physical appearance and a good look is the main reason why millions of women and men knock on the door of the beauty salons more often. Instead of sunbathing in the actual sun, they rather choose sunbeds, and a quite affordable price for this kind of service does not prevent them from doing so.

There has been a lot of talk about treating sunbeds to such an extent that can cause skin cancer. Others, however, claim that with moderate use and the advice of doctors can alleviate specific symptoms of the disease. Where is the truth? Using sunbeds is harmful. Even just one visit is harmful. Skin darkening caused by repeated exposure to the UVA radiation in so-called solariums minimizes skin protection from late exposure to UV radiation, and their long-term use creates skin damage characteristic of skin aging and increases the risk of skin and melanoma carcinoma.

When Specifically to Avoid Sunbeds?

If you have a slight change in the skin, even a cut or a wound, consider whether you will practice this type of sunburn, primarily for hygienic reasons. Even the smallest injury can be attacked from bacteria at the sunbeds and infect it, so you’ll make yourself a much bigger problem.

You should also avoid it if you are allergic to the sun if you have sensitive and problematic skin, any allergy or change in the surface or already have burned at the sun or sunbed.

Also, people who have problems with blood vessels, enlarged veins, and the like should not use sunbeds.

Using some medicines, such as antibiotics, diuretics, high blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and others, can raise the sensitivity to UV radiation. Using the solarium while using these drugs as well as photosensitive medicines can lead to severe burns and/or itching and painful rash. Also, this kind of tanning should not be used by people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Rules and Advice For Using Sunbeds

If you still want to use the machine and don’t have skin problems, don’t belong to risky categories and you are not on medication therapy, there are some rules that you should adhere to and advice so that your sunbathing is as safe and healthier as possible.

During your first visit, you need to determine your skin type. This will be done by a salon worker using a chart and based on the skin type, and lamps in the solarium will determine the length of sunbathing. The first tanning should be shorter, not longer than 5-6 minutes, and then in agreement with the professionals can be extended.

Before starting this type of sunbathing, you should not shower or use cosmetics, perfumes, or deodorants for at least two hours. If possible, it would be best if you were to make facial and body scrubs before going to the sunbathing. Also, make sure to remove the makeup and all the jewelry before entering and do not put sunscreen preparations. Only specialized products are allowed, which are used just in the solarium.

Please note that sunbeds have been disinfected and deleted before your use. This is especially true for horizontal sunbeds. At high temperature, the body lights the sweat, which remains on the appliance. In order not to think about who used it before and what hygienic habits and health care, before using, check the sanitary condition. Or, just in case, use standing.

When sunbathing, stay in a bathing suit to protect especially sensitive parts of the body and skin from UV radiation. Be sure to put the protective glasses on your eyes. If you have some big or troubled youth, cover it with a thicker patch. If you feel tension, tingling or any inconvenience, stop sunbathing immediately.

After sunbathing, don’t shower for at least two hours. Grease the body with a hydrating cream and drink two glasses of water to hydrate the skin and the whole body. Examine the skin and if you notice any changes, contact your doctor immediately.

On the day you sunbathe, do not expose yourself to the sun. Do not use it twice during one day, as it should take at least 48 hours between two uses. Annually it should not be used more than 50 times.

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