Ashwagandha- Amazing Benefits for Health, Skin, and Hair

Ashwagandha- Amazing Benefits for Health, Skin, and Hair

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Ashwagandha, one of the most potent herbs in Ayurveda, has been used since ancient times and is well-known for its restorative and rejuvenating benefits. Also known as Indian ginseng and Withania Somnifera, this herb belongs to the tomato family, and it originates from the dry regions of India, northern Africa, and the Middle East, and today even in some part of the United States.It is a shrub with oval leaves and small red berries size of a raisin.

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

It Prevents Insomnia.  It is probably best known for its power to reduce stress. Thanks to its rejuvenating benefits, Ashwagandha helps calm the nervous system, anxiety and induces sleep. For good rest, mix a teaspoon of it powder with a teaspoon of honey and a glass of lukewarm water before bed. Also, It  may reduce symptoms of depression.

It Improves Energy and Strenght. Researches have shown that it may improve body composition and increase strength. In Ayurveda, It is known as balya, which means that it owns the ability to enhance strength.

It Enhances Immunity. This plant is well known as powerful immune-booster, and researches indicate that it helps in the increase of white blood cells.

Ashwagandha May Improve Brain Function and Memory.   It is supplements may improve brain function, memory, reaction times and the ability to perform tasks.

It Can Reduce Blood Sugar Levels.   Several studies have confirmed Ashwagandha ability to reduce blood sugar levels in both healthy people and those with diabetes, through its effects on insulin secretion and sensitivity.

It Has Anti-Carcinogenic Benefits.   One of the most significant health benefits of it is its anti-cancer properties, which is confirmed by many animal and test tube studies. Studies suggest that it may help treat more types of cancer- breast, lung, colon.

Benefits of Ashwagandha for Skin & Hair

Antioxidant Effects. Ashwagandha has antioxidants which help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and dark spots.

It Makes The Skin Glow. Used as a skin toner, Ashwagandha can make the skin glow. All you need is one tablespoon ginger, two tablespoons it root and one tablespoon dried lemon peel and 200 ml of water and brought it to boil. This mixture can increase the blood circulation to your skin and give it a natural glow.

Combats Signs Of Aging. Ashwagandha prevents premature skin aging,  thanks to its antioxidants effects. You can quickly make face pack to reap its anti-aging benefits. Mix a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder with rose water and form a paste, which you apply for 15 minutes on your face.

Soothes Skin Inflammation. Ashwagandha contains compounds called withanolides, and the extracts of these compounds help inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that is responsible for a range of inflammatory infections.

Makes Hair Stronger. It reduces the harmful impact that stress has on your body, including hair fall and breakage. This plant also increases the circulation of blood to the scalp, supplying it with essential nutrients and strengthening the hair.

It Helps Eliminate Dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it’ s powerful treatment for scalp conditions like dandruff or scalp psoriasis.

It Prevents Premature Graying.  Ashwagandha boosts the production of hair melanin, the pigment that gives your hair its natural color.

Ashwagandha Side Effects

It is safe for most people. Although there are not many known cases of Ashwagandha side effects, there is still a possibility of some symptoms such as stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting.  If you have diabetes, blood pressure or some autoimmune diseases,  use Ashwagandha only after consulting with your doctor. Certain individuals should not take it, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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