We Asked Pediatricians If Organic Baby Food is Better Than Conventional?

We Asked Pediatricians If Organic Baby Food is Better Than Conventional?

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Fruit is not a problem; they need to be used on vegetables

You are young parents. And the time has come, your baby, apart from mother’s milk and formula, will finally feel the real taste of food. Will it be fruit, grain, or vegetables? Are you gonna prepare it by yourself or buy baby food in the market? Here come a thousand questions – which producer is the highest quality, should you choose organic or conventional baby food? And everybody around you will pamper you with helpful advice and smart solutions until you get a severe headache. One thing is essential, you do not want to disappoint your little one. For the first meal, you want to prepare something delicious for him. Again, baby foods must be nutritious, healthy and adequate for their age. It is best to make a conversation with a pediatrician and to get the advice on the best choice for your child.

Pediatrician and Diabetologist, Amelie McBride, advises young parents to give their kids for the first-time-solid meal a vegetable. The fruit is readily acceptable for children since it is mostly sweet taste. They should first learn to love veggies, which is a more serious task. Also, those parents who decide to baby food with the content of cereals will not make a mistake. Grains are an excellent source for first solid meals.

Is organic baby food better than conventional?

Scientists from Stanford really prove that organic baby food does not contain any pesticides. Still, it would be incorrect if we said that several harmful substances could damage the baby in the baby’s standard packs.

The question is ecological – if you want your child to learn from a small one to be an environmentalist, then you will secure a large amount of money from your pocket and buy 100-percent organic baby food. Organic or conventional – the question is only about lifestyle and convictions.

Bags or jars?

When parents choose which type of food packaging the baby will use, it is again a matter of doubt. Bags are practical. A minority comes out of them and make less chaos. Same, more comfortable to transport, there is no risk of spilling baby food in a bag of toys or diapers.

On the other side, small jars are more economical. Glass is healthier packaging. Furthermore, the child will use a spoon, which will help him to develop motor skills.

To summarize – from established practices in baby nutrition, for whatever you decide, you will not get much wrong. It is essential to keep your baby fed by proper plans, blends, and correct amounts. Secondly, when buying, be sure to be well-tested, as well as for the rest of the family. Most expensive products are often not the best. Therefore, it is sometimes better to buy an old-fashioned, traditional product or vegetable purchased directly from farmers. It is crucial that baby develop good habits, and she finds her favorite tastes on her own, later.

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