Do You Have Bad Skin Days? — If Yes, You Should Try This Smoothie for Sure!

Do You Have Bad Skin Days? — If Yes, You Should Try This Smoothie for Sure!

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Besides the use of nontoxic cleaners and therapeutic oils, sometimes our skin has its bad days. Whether it is because of a few late nights sleeping with the makeup on or hormones. Even maybe a croissant- and baguette-filled two-week trip which left your soul overflowing. In order to solve such problems, you can take your blender and make yourself a skin – cleaning version of a green smoothie. It is packed with a lot of ingredients that will make your skin clear for a longer period. Here are the needed ingredients and their function:

1. Greens

For preparing this smoothie, you can use any greens that you want to.  All of them have the two most important ingredients for this purpose: phytonutrients and fiber. The fiber they consist will sweep through your digestive system. In that way it will clear out everything which is lingering and causing inflammation and congestion.

2. Cilantro

This one is a potent chelator, which means that it has the ability to rid the body of heavy metals, such as lead and mercury. Those metals are usually accumulated by drinking water or eating fruits and vegetables and lot more. Cilantro also has the ability to decrease inflammation in the body, which is actually the main reason for the appearance of skin problems.

3. Mango

The main purpose of mango in large part is to provide delicious flavor. It is also rich in vitamins, such as A and C, which help in the stimulating of the skin to produce collagen. The collagen makes your skin  to appear supple, smooth and clear as well.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is the anti – inflammatory powerhouse, so it means that you can not have your skin – clearing smoothie without adding it. It has also been shown to be one of the most powerful anti – inflammatory foods in the whole world. Calming inflammation is actually vital for clearing our skin up.

5. Ginger

One of the reasons why it is so easy for pimples to appear after a week or two of bad eating. In addition, after a stressful time comes the state of our gut which massively affects the state of our skin. Ginger is a spice which is gut – soothing and it has also been used for stomach calming, as well as the rest of our body, for centuries. Just like the previous one that we mentioned – turmeric – ginger also has anti – inflammatory properties.

6. Coconut butter

This butter has fun and tropical flavor. It provides a hefty dose of lauric acid, which is actually a component that is only found in breast milk. It has the properties of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.  The acne that appears on our skin is bacteria imbalance. Coconut butter is helpful in gently correcting the situation, bringing our system back in harmony. There are some oils which you can also use, such as coconut oil or MCT oil. However, the coconut butter is actually whole coconut flesh, blended, and in that way it is more “whole food” option.

7. Collagen

If you want to keep it vegan, you can skip this one, but you should know that the uber-trendy collagen actually has some powerful effects. It helps in the stimulation of your body to create more collagen, the one that plumps and clears your skin. This also helps to line and soothe the gut, which is actually vital for helping with acne, because of (again) that gut-skin connection.

  • Skin — clearing smoothie

In order to prepare the skin – clearing smoothie for 2, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 packed cup of greens of your own choice;
  • ½ cup of packed cilantro, washed with woody stems removed, but leave the rest of the stems as they will add some flavor and nutrients to the smoothie;
  • ½ banana;
  • ½ cup of frozen mango;
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut butter;
  • a scoop collagen powder of your own choice;
  • 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger;
  • a teaspoon of powdered turmeric;
  • Filtered water.

Method of preparation:

First of all, put all the above mentioned ingredients into a blender. Add a cup of water, than blend them. You can add more water in order to reach the wanted texture.

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