Beauty Routine – Make It  Slow, Daily and Efficient

Beauty Routine – Make It  Slow, Daily and Efficient

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Beauty Routine

The care is half of health, but also half of beauty.  Good daily habits can help every person to feel fresh and shiny. The secret of natural beauty lies in a holistic approach. People who have their own rules that are neat and developed in harmony may look younger, seductive, and beautiful without significant investments or interventions. If you haven’t yet found your own personal rhythm, and do not stick to specific beauty rules, here are some tips to get in the right beauty routine that you can practice every day.

Your morning beauty routine

Beauty sleep. The first rule is to have enough rest. Second, try to have a quality sleep, which means to sleep in a fresh and clean room, use clean linens, and a comfortable pillow. When you go to sleep, turn off all the devices that would draw your attention, such as a TV or phone.

Your rhythm also determines the waking mode.  The organism is synchronized with the first natural movements, and release melatonin which energizes you and regulates your sleep patterns. This has a significant impact on the beauty and good health. Therefore, in your beauty routine, after awakening, you need to step up on the natural light. This helps you to restore your body clock, that stores your natural inner rhythm process optimal.

Morning meditation. Those who practice it know that meditation is a significant part of a beauty routine at the beginning of the day. This is the time to spend with ourselves, more precisely, with the ‘inner’ self, before we start another busy day. It needs to calm you down and prepare for the upcoming stress. Make a meditation of breathing your heart’s belly, put one hand on your heart and one arm on the stomach, and breathe and bring it through your nose until your thoughts slow down.

Shake up your body. After sleeping, the body stays stiff and slowly for a couple of hours more. But, if you enter to your beauty routine a mild stretching exercise, you will make the blood circulate, open, strengthen and relieve your body and help it become fitted.

Deep skin cleansing. After you work out on your inner self, it’s time to concentrate on a beauty routine on aesthetics matters. Skin exfoliation under the shower several times a week can stimulate the lymph nodes, and remove the dead skin cells, toning the skin. It also increases blood circulation, gives you great, healthy skin. Apply mild morning peeling to a wet skin that is further cleaned and provide the necessary care and beauty.

Before you leave, give yourself a smile. When you finish your morning beauty routine, do not forget that you are so beautifully dressed and gorgeous. Look in the mirror and wish a beautiful day to yourself.

Your afternoon beauty routine

Don’t forget about taking the rest and breaks. Remember, nobody is created to work without pause. After a few hours of hard work, especially sitting, do an afternoon meditation, or simply spend half an hour at the park. Relieving the stress that is built during the day affects health and beauty. All the worries are painted on our face. Afternoon meditation gives you a time lag from what you are looking for.

Do not forget to move. And the daily beauty routine demands, just as the morning one, go for natural light at least 20 minutes at lunchtime. We understand that the day is short to complete all the obligations, but try to get more out and walk, get out of the car, from the office. Even a short walk with your pet must become your routine for maintaining beauty and health.

Find some time for yourself. Self-care and healthy habits are the duty of every individual. You do not need to feel guilty if you stole a few hours during the day to visit a beauty house or to do massage. You have to leave one part of the day for yourself.

Your evening beauty routine

It’s time to calm down. The end of a busy day is the time it takes to re-organize and prepare for the new morning. If you want to get into a beauty routine and get good habits, then know that this is the most precious couple of hours you can not spend on, for example, alcohol or going out late at night. Relax. Eat healthily. Prepare a warm bath or enjoy the message. Spoil your senses with pleasant music, dimmed lights, and delightful scents. This way, you will introduce to your beauty routine a real everyday mental detox that will relieve you of the most significant cause of aging – stress.

Don’t accept nothing but good sleep. At the end of the circle, it’s time to sleep again. This is a special ritual you need to adhere to. Night cosmetics, comfortable sleepwear, adequate bed – the first three things necessary for a night of quality sleep. Turn off all the lights,  smooth the noise. And most importantly, try to wish for sweet dreams and wonderful new morning to your inner self.

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