Body Language Can Make You More Attractive

Body Language Can Make You More Attractive

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With the proper speech of the body, everything can be accomplished, and it is straightforward to seduce the person you want.  The right body language makes you noticed by a likely date or mate. Also, if done correctly, nonverbal communication can help you break the ice in social interactions and has a crucial role in achieving communication success. We can impress the others, without speaking a single word, as well as convince them in a specific thought, and it can accomplish various achievements, both on a business and private agenda.

Rhythm and speech breaks, facial expressions, movements, body contact, direction and retention, distance differences – all are non-verbal communication signs that reflect human relationships and individual feelings. However, the weight we give to words continuously casts all other forms of expression into another plan.

If we correctly use body language, we can get what we want, and can make us attractive, such as proper posture, eye contact, and a simple smile. We bring you several ways that we can be more attractive with body language.


Although a smile can be a seducing tool, there are different types of smile that we must keep in mind and learn to distinguish. There is a sincere, friendly smile, then the fake one, which shares a thin border with a grimace on the face and activated exclusively by the muscles around the lips, and not the muscles of the entire face. Finally, there is this famous seductive smile that, combined with a penetrating vision, becomes crystal clear to all.

Eye Contact

Contact with eyes means openness, sincerity, self-confidence, and accessibility to the interlocutor. In case you try to avoid it, you might be shy and inaccessible. Eyes are one of the most important focuses in all spheres of non-verbal communication, so in the case of seduction, and eye contact can be practiced before the mirror in your own home.

Have a Good Attitude

Just like smiling, a right attitude is contagious. Having a positive attitude makes people around you feel good and will make them want to spend more time with you. Focus on positivity, find the good in others, and show gratitude about the blessings in your life.

Playing With Your Hair

Another female game that is part of non-verbal communication is playing hair strands. Perhaps you will not do it even intentionally, as it may indicate to your interlocutor that it may be boring, but it will definitely mark a degree of seduction in your appearance, because it is a very sensual movement, especially if your hair is long.


Both men and women actually like a deeper tone of voice in the opposite sex, speaking slowly and confidently can come across as sexy and alluring.

Avoid Crossing Arms or Legs

Crossed arms essentially can make you seem like you’re closed off or on the defensive, which might discourage another peoplefrom approaching.


When we are attracted to some person, blood will flow to our face, making our cheeks to get red and this is an evolutionary way the body tries to attract the opposite sex. This is the purpose why women wear blush and also happens with lips and eyes.

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