Breaking Myths – We Finally Bring the Answer to the Question – What Is The Difference Between Muscles and Fats?

Breaking Myths – We Finally Bring the Answer to the Question – What Is The Difference Between Muscles and Fats?

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You’ve Been Working Hard, But the Scale is Still Pointing More?

Any person who ever finds out in any training program knows how many changes you can experience and feel, physically and mentally, after a few weeks of exercise. The reasons for going to the gym can be different. Someone wants to stay in good shape, others want to gain a perfect body and muscles. Many will start on some sort of training to lose weight. By combining, you increase the body, you get more strength and energy, and have a better body position. You become healthier, and the relation between muscles and fats slowly changes.

To get the results you want, you must first learn the basic facts about your body, how it works while you exercise and through which transformations it passes. Therefore, we will talk about one of the biggest myths among people who are just at the beginning – “I’m tired of trying hard, and the scale shows more pounds! Am I getting fat ?!” The scale is not the right measure of your performance. Some factors and facts tell the difference in weight between muscles and fats.

The Difference Between Muscles and Fats

Structurally, muscle is denser tissue, and therefore it has more weight. The ratio of muscles and fats varies by some 15-20%. But, one pound of fat is as much as one pound of muscles, but the second one occupies a smaller surface and is less by volume. That’s why you can notice a reduction in size and if the scale shows a larger number. Muscles are composed of long fibers tightly knitted together. Fat is made of different sized droplets, and some are more abundant than others. The droplets attach to each other but leave more empty space between.

It is very compelling to find the right method of calculating the relationship between muscles and fats. In fact, there are specialized devices that are mainly used in specialized institutions, and serve to establish muscle density or measure body fat. We can evaluate this relationship by personal feeling and physical appearance.

That is why it is most important to get into the training mode and proper nutrition without paying much attention to the weight and the number of pounds. Focus on strengthening, better conditioning and stability. Also, the fitness program should include exercises for burning fat. So, every week that comes will notice that your body weight increases but will your trousers become bigger and bigger. This proves the previously mentioned relationship between muscles and fats.

What is the Perfect Muscles and Fats Ratio?

The solution to this problem depends on several factors. First, from the individual body structure, sex and age. It is essential what kind of training you have chosen, whether it is a cardio program or weightlifting, for example. An active cyclist should not take or spend the same amount of fat as a crossfiter, as he will not burn his reserves with the same intensity. Also, it is very important here to select and coordinate the diet with exercise. In the end, the scale will show more weight for a visibly smaller or thinner person, whose body may be more prone to retaining water. And given that water makes up almost 70% of the human body, muscles and fats are just a minor part of what we measure on a scale. On the other hand, this is the essential bodybuilding that must be positioned correctly and which we must continuously strengthen.

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