Breathing – Basic exercise for your body

Breathing – Basic exercise for your body

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Improve your health starting with a vital functions

 Most people run through their everyday tasks and stresses easily grasp their body and the way it functions. We often neglect the essential duties of our organism and take them into account only when something is wrong. It is too late when they become dysfunctional. Our lungs and airways are one of them. A man breathes daily from 20,000 l of air in the same number of breaths.

The number of breaths measures in a minute. The average number of breaths is from 12 to 20. This number changes in different ages and also depends on the physical performances of your body. Any name below or above the average suggests a dangerous physical condition or some disorder of the respiratory tract, and it would be a good idea to contact a doctor in this cases.

What is the role of breathing exercises?

 Breathing is essential for the general health of the body and soul.

Many of us unconsciously endanger this vital function of the organism with shallow breath or through the mouth, as well as with stressful way of life and bad habits.

Simple breathing exercises can be applied anytime and anywhere, and we are recommending them to everyone.

By breathing,  the respiratory, nervous and muscular system is developing and getting stronger. With a sufficient number of equal breaths, the capacity of the lungs increases, which involves the production of more oxygen. Consequently, it affects the concentration, reduces anxiety and regulates blood pressure.

Regular breathing improves lymph flow, which plays a crucial role in strengthening immunity and enhancing metabolism.

Basic breathing exercises

 Here are some basic practices to improve the performance of your body:

  1. Breathing meditation – relaxes the mind and improves concentration

Inhale slowly through the nose. Feel the air flow and slowly through your respiratory tract to your lungs. Equally lightly exhale through the nose. Repeat this once, and from day to day, add one more repetition. Do not try to control your breath or the time you need to exercise. Listen to your body.

  1. Concentration – helps you focus and relieve nervous tension

Comfort yourself and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Count yourself up to ten and then back. Inhaling and exhaling must be equally smooth and not too harsh. Repeat this several times or until you notice that you are concentrated just on breathing.

  1. Deep breath – a clean lung

Body is in the standing position. Streight your backs; The distance between the feet should be in parallel with the hips. Put your hands in the place of the flower towards the navel. With a slight wiping of the side, you take the air and raise your arms above your head. After returning your hand to the original position, equally lightly exhale. Start this exercise with five reps and then increase the number daily.

  1. Deep breathing – defeats the mind and body

In the sitting or kneecap position, straighten your back and relax your hands. Take a significant amount of air with a sigh, inflate the stomach. Hold your breath and then try to exhale it evenly at a particular interval. Repeat this exercise up to 5 times.

  1. Deep relaxation – it returns energy to the body

Put the pillow on the floor and put your head on it. Relax your body with your arms folded to the sides and bent legs. Take the air genuinely, and try to keep it. This time you do it through your mouth and not your nose. Practice this exercise for five minutes a day.

  1. Inhalation alternately to the left and right nostrils – reduces stress

Swap alternately with one finger and one nostril, and then inhale and exhale. Repeat this about 30 times. You will see that it returns the balance of energy and eliminates stress.

You should try these exercises while sitting in the office, metro or your living room. Try and see the difference!

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