But first – Coffee!

But first – Coffee!

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“Good Morning” begins with a cup of coffee

Our precious magical drink. We like to wake up in the morning with its overwhelming smell and every break during the hard day has a better taste with it. The ancient peoples enjoyed the benefits of this grain, including coffee in folk tradition and customs. From Brazil to Italy, far on to Turkey and Arabia, coffee is one of the most widely distributed foods and traded products. Besides, caffeine is the most used medicine in the world. It gives us energy and brings us to our feet. But people still prefer their daily dose of caffeine to consume from the cup.

Many believe that it overdose is harmful to health and causes more insomnia, irritability, and a faster heart rate. Also, it usually counts in bad habits, because it goes along with other bad habits, such as smoking or inadequate diets. However, more and further studies have revealed that it beverages prolong life and have an incredibly positive effect on human health.

Here’s why you need to keep your everyday coffee routine

Reduces the occurrence of heart disease. It consumption positively affects the cardiovascular system, and many studies have shown that people who regularly drink coffee have a lower risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. It also affects the airways and lungs.

Coffee reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis. This nasty disease is associated mainly with chronic alcoholism, but not always. Scientific tests have proven that one cup of coffee per day can reduce this risk by as much as 22%. Also, coffee lovers are less likely to find in statistics of liver cancer or endocrine glands.

It affects the activity of the brain, and the latest data show that even about 16% less chance for it lovers to suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

It helps in suppressing depression. It is not uncommon for people who show symptoms of depression or a similar mental imbalance, consuming even more than 4-5 coffee per day. Science connects, according to a sample of over 50,000 people, that it can help with depression, and in the more difficult forms of illness, it is less likely that people who drink coffee turn to terrible decisions, such as self-infestation, even suicide.

One of the most fascinating research was done on a sample of half a million people related to it drinking. The result was astounding – it reduced the mortality rate or premature death. A 16-year-long experiment shows that men have a mortality rate of less than 12% while in women, the rate has been reduced by 7% compared to people who do not consume this beverage.

Coffee is connecting people

Where ever is one cup of it, there are two and three. The best way to drink coffee in with a company. Small talks, laughter and time spent with friends are best served together with excellent coffee. Whether it’s from the automata, home-made or a real Italian espresso, this life elixir always comes in well when you want to take a breath and advantage of your quality time.

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