Cactus – The Plant That Cares About You

Cactus – The Plant That Cares About You

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No other plant offers so many opportunities for decoration and arrangement as a cactus. That’s why the most popular plants are succulents that don’t require much care. Cacti need more light to grow, and bloom and ideal position is the window or the balcony. They can be even grown in small pots, in a set or in so-called room gardens.

They belong to the Cactaceae family which is very widespread, and there are as many as 130 generations in the world. There are as many as 1 750 known cactus species in the world. How many are just unknown?

It is interesting that many species of cactus bloom only once a year. If they even thrive. Therefore, the flower of the cactus should be considered a reward. The plant will be rewarded with flowers only when you give your boundless love. And just because it endures even the harshest conditions, the cactus is considered a symbol of maternal love.

Not only they look lovely and are seriously low maintenance, but they also come with some useful health benefits.

They Help You Breathe Easier. During the process of photosynthesis, plants free oxygen and succulents are producing oxygen all through the night. So, the advice is to keep these plants in the bedroom for an extra refreshed air during your sleep.

Cactus Purify the Air

Like snake plant and aloe vera, they are excellent at cleansing the air and removing toxins from the environment. Succulents are extra helpful in library and study environments because substances like benzene and formaldehyde are found in rugs, cigarette smoke, books, and ink.

They Can Help You Focus

Many studies found that indoor plants can improve your concentration and boost your mood by up to 15 percent. Attentiveness and brain capabilities improve when studying or working with plants in the room. Small plants like succulents are especially beneficial in the workplace. Cactus don’t need a lot of space on your desk. It is a lovely pattern that calms the mind and makes us feel more relaxed.

Succulents Can Help Prevent Some Diseases

The more plants you have in your, the better you can improve the humidity in your home that can prevent dry skin, colds, sore throat, and cough. Some species of cactus contain healing properties- agave is a natural antiseptic that can be used to treat cuts and burns, aloe vera gel alleviates sunburns, and helps with cuts and bruises. Also, they can contribute to reducing flu-like symptoms, headaches, fever, and coughs.

Feng Shui Recommendations

According to Feng Shui keeping cactus in our houses are actually lucky, and the safe position for a plant in your home is the fame and reputation quadrant.  They shouldn’t be positioned in your bedroom, kitchen, dining room. Don’t place your cactus close to the entrance or main door either, at your office desk, and the right place for a plant isn’t bedroom too.

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