Can We Imagine the World Without Cervical Cancer?

Can We Imagine the World Without Cervical Cancer?

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Cervical Cancer

Every two minutes, one woman loses her life due to cervical cancer. It is one of the most prominent and most widespread female diseases in the world. Devastating figures show that more than half a million women have to face an uncertain battle with cervical cancer, annually. Although, hope comes from a study recently done in Australia. The solution seems to be in our hands.

The World Health Organization could eliminate cervical cancer for good

The evaluation of this Australian study was done with the help of the International Agency for Cancer Information. If globally in the next year the massive spreading of consciousness and female vaccination, especially in less-developed regions, begin to eradicate this estate in as many as 149 countries from 181.

Lives can be saved by vaccination and the HPV scanner

However, the percentage of sick women in the world is not equally spread. Almost 85% of cervical cancer cases belong to less developed countries, where vaccines and regular examinations are not yet available to everyone. The rise in the number of the world’s inhabitants and the average lifetime of man indicates the number of patients will double in the next half-century. At the moment, about 600 thousand women registering for treatment annually. In 2069, more than 1.3 million women will be treated for cancer.

If countries such as India or Nigeria, with establishing a regular vaccination and HPV scanning system in women, cervical cancer can be suppressed by more than 65%. If we look at the numbers, this means that in the next 50 years it will be possible to save more than 13.6 million lives. This is really amazing.

Statistics by regions

Australia, a country that gave this comprehensive study, has an outstanding national prevention program. For nine years, this country could reduce the rate of disease in a 4: 100,000 ratio. Some developed countries like Germany, Britain, the USA, and the Scandinavian countries have the opportunity to solve the problem of cervical cancer in the next 20 years. Less developed systems will, moreover, require more time for such a process (Ethiopia, Haiti). The problem is most likely to occur in the countries of the African continent, with generally poor health status and concern. Africa will need a long-term battle to get women finally saved from one of the worst diseases they can face.

The challenge is for all humanity, but also the obligation of all of us, especially the world’s health organizations, to bring the necessary vaccines to all women. Only if we aggressively and globally work on consciousness developing, prevention and regular controls, the world can live without this dangerous killer, such as cervical cancer. The task is difficult but possible. However, it must be treated equally, on every woman in the world. If we do not do it together, then we will together experience defeat.

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