Cats- Adorable Friends with Healing Powers

Cats- Adorable Friends with Healing Powers

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They are not just adorable but also give us good health and emotional support,  overall cats contribute to the well-being of human and various scientific studies suggest that pet owners live longer than those who don’t own a pet.  Cats are indeed adorable, majestic and beautiful animals, and it has been proven that these fantastic creatures possess healing powers. They are sensitive beings, and they can identify illness in their humans and heal them.

The Secret is in Purr

Cat’s purr can provide healing abilities. It can create vibrations that range from 20-140 Hz, which has been known to be medically therapeutic for them and humans. These frequencies put off by a cat’s purr have the capability to promote bone health and even heal them. The powerful purr can also help to decrease symptoms of dyspnea, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, lower blood pressure, help cure infection and swelling, and heal muscles, tendons, and ligament injuries.

Make Us Happy

Our little friends make us smile, they have their ways to melt our heart and ability to make us feel warm and fuzzy.  Playing with cats helps the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine in the brain, which reduces stress levels in the body, make the immune system stable and are suitable for the body.

Cats Can Reduce Your Stress

Owning a feline companion can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Steady and rhythmic sounds of a cat’s purr can help to ease pain and rid an intense headache. In addition to healing stress, cats can also help to improve your depression and anxiety-

They Want to Make You Better

Researchers proved that seniors who own cat live longer lives than those who do not. They seems to have a sixth sense for sensing when you are under the weather and prefer to be close to you for comfort and support. Owning these pets is even improve your immune function by boosting it. They have abilities for healing themselves, and as a thank you to you, they don’t mind helping their loving owner.

Different Cat, Different Healing Power

Depending on their color, hair length or gender, cats have different healing powers over people. Black cats can absorb and neutralize negative energy that affects humans and eliminate it from the house where they live. White cats are the perfect help when their humans don’t have enough power, and grey help their humans when they feel agitated. Orange cats spread a lot of positive vibes and energy and help to relax your mind.

Long hair cats are great neurologists, which helps with depression and makes people sleep better. Those with medium length hair are excellent cardiologists and with short hair can help in stomach or kidney problems.

Male cats can heal spondylosis or arthrosis, and female help better the nervous system and the internal organs.

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