Cleaning, Washing, Skin and Nail Care – A Lot of Practice Toothpaste Has

Cleaning, Washing, Skin and Nail Care – A Lot of Practice Toothpaste Has

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Toothpaste has a special place in our choice for daily hygiene. It protects the health of our teeth and gums, and therefore the health of our digestive system and the whole organism. How much in the physical sense means the beauty of your teeth and the brilliant smile- no need to talk. But did you know that toothpaste may have some other application?! Yes, it can be used in many ways.

Skin Care

Alleviating the effects of insects’ bites, such as mosquitoes and various bugs. Applying toothpaste to the injection site will prevent you from itching and the swelling.

Alleviating pain from cuts and burns. When you apply the paste to the wound or blot, it will dry them up so that the wounds can heal faster. Best in these cases is to use the paste during the night. In case of minor burns, the toothpaste may temporarily “cool” the painful place. Apply it immediately to a burned spot, and it will briefly cool the wound and prevent its opening.

Toothpaste will help you remove the pimples on your face. The principle is based on the application of the paste as soon as acne or pimples occur. During implementation, slight burns can be felt if the paste is strong. When applied to a blister, wait to dry for 60 minutes, then wash the place with lukewarm water and dry, then put a moisturizing.

Stain Removal and Housekeeping

Push the toothpaste on the rose stain and then gently rub it with a cloth. Then rinse with water.

It will help you to clean your nails and brush to the perfect shine. Just rub them with a toothpick and brush. A paste can help you if you need to remove the rest of the nail polish, but you do not have acetone.

If you wash your hands with toothpaste, you will remove the unpleasant odor of garlic or fish.

With good paste, you can remove stains from clothes and rugs. If you have some stain on the clothes, then apply on it and rub it until the stain disappears and then wash as usual. Be careful because toothpaste can bleach and paint on your clothes. If you want to remove the stain on the carpet, apply a paste on the stain and then rub it with a brush, and then rinse with cold water.

You can remove scratches on the wooden furniture by slipping pastes slightly and then rub the furniture with a soft cloth.

Remove scratches from leather shoes. Put a small amount of toothpaste on soft fabric and rub the surface of your shoes. Then remove the remains of the paste with a damp cloth.

Toothpaste will serve you well at home when removing children’s drawings from crayons and pens. Apply it on a brush or some rougher material and paint it with light circular movements. After you have finished, clean the entire wall of paint and residue paste with a wet cloth.

Cleaning Tricks

To clean the bathroom, a toothpaste will come to you, which will give a glittering glow to the bathroom faucets. Put the paste on a dry cloth and polish the tap. Of course, you can apply the same to clean the valves in the kitchen. Besides, when you wash it, you will remove the unpleasant smell from the drain.

Mirror in the bathroom should not be fogged with a toothpaste. Place a toothpaste before showering on the cloth and gently spray the mirror. After showering, it will not be blurred by steam.

Unique silver jewelry can be cleaned with the help of a toothpaste. Take the old toothbrush, put the paste, leave it overnight and wash the jewelry with a clean cloth the next morning. You can do the same with other silver objects.

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