Colors Affect Our Mood And Our Health

Colors Affect Our Mood And Our Health

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Colors Affect

Therapy of colors

Green, pink, orange, black; Each of us has his favorite. Undoubtedly your color orientation changed how you grew up. They are a part of our personality, a personal seal, a style, whether it’s about clothes we are wearing or decorations in a bedroom.

Many experts believe that colors affect our mood and mental state. The choice of color can characterize the person and tell a lot about us. Colors are in use in alternative medicine as a therapy.

Indeed, the choice of shade for children’s room or the color of the tie that you have planned for a business meeting affects both, you and your environment very much. So, pick up wisely.

Colors and their influence

 Green is in the center of our visible spectrum. This primary color is known to the human eye in thousands of shades. It is the color of our roots and existence,  of the mother Earth and the forest, and is subconsciously constant to something that is positive and healthy. The green color calms us and affects the nervous system. Also, resting your eyes. It is not strange that it is the most represented in health centers and hospitals;

The color of gold – it relates to wealth and something extravagant. It awakens deep emotions in people. Gold draws attention with its brightness. Unknowingly, people connect this symbol to power, as alchemists who are searching for the gold that is the elixir of life. The color of gold and golden objects certainly bring elegance and self-respect in the minds of those whose choice is.

Yellow – the color of the sun. We all feel better when it’s beautiful and sunny day. A particular form of depression develops in people who are not sufficiently exposed to the sun. As a therapy, science recommends yellow color,  for your apartment, clothes, decoration; There are even sunglasses with a nuance of yellow that are made for dark days.  The yellow color gives a feeling of warmth and joy. On the other side, there are those who consider it irritating and too bright.

Orange is a color that fosters self-confidence and makes people feel comfortable, as Frank Sinatra called it – the happiest color in the world. Fashion stylists are recommending orange for those who want to attract attention. Yes, people will feel comfortable near you if you are in orange dressing. It relaxes and gives the feeling of coziness.

Pink – the color for little girls. It is not a coincidence. Pink is associated with non-violent behavior and people who often don’t get into conflict with others. That’s why it is a color of tutu skirts, Barbie dolls, and little princesses. On the other hand, we have energetic boys who do not even want to be around anything pink. Still, fashion changes over time. An increasing number of fashion designers use pink color in men’s fashion clothing. A lot of men have overcome stereotypes about this.

Red is the color of humans. Red continually flows through our body. It is the color of the earth. Perhaps it is closest to us and most recognizable because people are the only mammals that can detect this color. For the human mind, it is the most dominant, most impressive. We use it when we want to leave an impression, a trace, a statement. Let’s not forget, it is the color of lust, love and mutual attraction between the genders.

Don’t be afraid of Black

Traditionally, we are used to connecting black with dusk, sorrow, or death. People avoid black shades worrying about it could placing them in a problematic state of mind or being labeled as a “weirdo” for wearing only black clothes.

Black is not so scary color. For fashionistas, it reflects sophistication and elegance. This color will help you feel stronger and not as easy prey. Black helps with anxiety attacks, affects your mind and makes you stronger. In some cultures, this is the color of celebration and ceremony, not white as we are most accustomed.

A person can absorb the whole spectrum of colors and nuances. We should be enjoying them. They give dynamism to our world and make things look unique and the way only we can experience them. Choosing a color is of great importance, so if you are renovating your house or buying a car, think thoroughly about the feelings you want to awaken in yourself with all these colors.

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