Dance is Great Way in Fight Against Depression

Dance is Great Way in Fight Against Depression

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When we move the body, we start emotions and soothe the mind. So our perception becomes our ally, not the critic. When we dance, we are in contact with our own naturalness and our inner healing capacity, and that’s why it is an excellent remedy for depression.

Depression is Serious State

One of the most prevalent and most serious living conditions we are facing is depression According to the World Health Organization, over the 350 million people suffer from depression, all over the world. When we are depressed we have reduced the overall life tonus, our life energy is at a very low level, followed by a constant feeling of fatigue and the loss of interest and satisfaction and the impossibility of relaxation. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness are very intense, as are concerns and despair. We are struggling with appetite and sleep disorders. Confidence falls on us, and we perceive ourselves as less valuable, inadequate, incompetent, and helpless.

Dance Raises Level of Energy

In the fight against depression, it is important to start our body, to be physically active. Physical activity itself, and the most straightforward walk has a beneficial effect on us and our mood. Dance gives us the opportunity to be physically active, but also much more than that. There are various types of dancing, but here we will focus on the practice of free dance. No choreography and learning the step. What is most important is that the dance is natural for all of us and that everyone, all of us, believes it or not, we can dance and that’s why dancing is a resource that we can not drop out. There is no question of our physical readiness, skills, years or talent. There are no standards that we need to achieve, it is not necessary to compare with whom we compare ourselves, nor need we to see each other. And that is why free dance is so powerful and liberating and represents a valuable ally in the fight against depression.

Dancing develops our physical strength, coordination, and articulation of our movements, we develop our fitness. Dancing we also become more aware of our breathing, as well as the blocks and tensions we have in the body. We learn to relax and let go. It raises the level of our energy and helps it to smoothly flow through the body, which affects the reduction of tension.

Life is better when moving with the rhythm

The dance helps us to be in our body, to accept it and to love whatever it is. We begin to feel good in it, we recognize and enjoy its beauty and disadvantages. In the dance, we start to be a whole, not just a collection of parts, because the dance integrates us in all plans. Gradually, we accept ourselves, so our confidence grows, a positive image of ourselves is being built, and the feelings of our own strength and values ​​are returned. When we start the body, we start emotions and soothe the mind.  When we dance, we are in contact with our own naturalness and our inner healing capacity. Life in us is expanding, and we re-establish a connection with our ability to rejoice, play and be spontaneous. We can engage in life with greater openness and optimism.

Dance helps us to dissolve our creativity, which is transmitted to our entire life, and not just for the moment while we dance. Strengthens our capacity for a creative and constructive attitude towards life. As we create our dance, so we can create our own experience.

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