Dandelion- Plant That Helps With Many Problems

Dandelion- Plant That Helps With Many Problems

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Dandelion is a widespread plant and is a real treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. It grows in meadows, grasslands, hills, gardens … It blooms in the spring when our organism is the most needed vitamin bomb, and many of them, because of aromatic-bitter taste, call sour cabbage, yolk or dairy. The dandelion is full of potassium, essential oils, inulin and various other substances necessary for normal functioning. The leaves of this precious plant contain 16-18 percent of vitamin C and about three percent of iron, much more than spinach.

All parts of the dandelion are remedial flowers, leaves, and roots

The dandelion root is widely used in Asia, and these plants are grown in India as a medicine for the liver (dysfunction of the liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis, and the like). Besides, butter is used to treat infections, viruses, swelling, and water retention in the body. Many studies have shown that dandelion stimulates the flow of the bile and has a mild diuretic effect. It can clean the urinary tract and has a beneficial impact on the scab and kidneys. It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, stimulates appetite and digestion of food.

Rich in vitamins, lovely salad

Dandelion leaves contain A, C, D and vitamin B complex, then iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, manganese, copper. Because of the numerous nutrients, it contains, it is usually recommended as a dietary supplement for pregnant women and ladies in postmenopausal, like salad. The salad is more tasteful if it is made before the flowering of the plant because leaves can get a bitter taste in later stages.

Fresh stems of dandelion can even dissolve the stone in the beetle, regulate metabolism, cleans the blood, stomach. National medicine recommends dandelion stems as an auxiliary agent for the treatment of diabetes.

You can make wine and syrup from its flowers, which can serve as a substitute for honey. The flowers are best used on the day you pick them up, but you should be careful not to spray them with chemicals. Even pregnant women can use it. You should let the dandelion grow freely in the garden, not to destroy it because it attracts useful insects – as many as 85 different species.

An incredible impact on our body

Renews the liver and cleans the kidneys. Dandelion is a super-oxidant that accelerates digestive tract cleansing and restores the liver. Recent research has confirmed that dandelion stimulates the natural process of liver regeneration, especially in people suffering from hepatitis, jaundice and digestive disorders. For this effect is tannin is responsible, an antioxidant containing it in abundance, especially at the root, which increases digestion, cleans the liver from toxins and kidneys from the deposits.

The root of this plant is also very medicinal and helps to cleanse the blood from toxins and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels, all thanks to maintaining optimum blood potassium levels.

Detoxification of metabolism and a stronger organism. In the diet, the most commonly used leaf is a dandelion, which acts as a diuretic, therefore, stimulates the secretion of the fluid and speeds up the metabolism, which is especially important in the diet. The root also is useful in degrading fat and accelerating metabolism, and some experts advise that tea from dandelion root should be consumed daily if you use antidepressants because they can damage the liver.

Cleans the organism from poison. The dandelion makes it easier to remove the poison from the body and relieve the feeling of bloating. This medicinal plant also helps in the treatment of lichen and rashes, cleanses the stomach from harmful substances, while its root stimulates digestion, causes sweating, and acts as diuretic and refreshing, while diluting dense blood. Thanks to the medicinal ingredients, the dandelion efficiently purifies the blood, and it is also used in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, jaundice and spleen diseases, but also in cosmetics, primarily for the preparation of facial care products.

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