Dark Side of The Spring- It’s Time for Allergies and Depression

Dark Side of The Spring- It’s Time for Allergies and Depression

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Although most of us are eagerly waiting for spring, the fact is that most of us also find it difficult to bear with the sudden changes in the weather, the new season arrival and of course there are allergies whose season has just begun. There are countless clichés related to the spring. Everything wakes- and nature and senses and emotions. The period of winter sleeping passes, people feel more summerly, satisfied, more fulfilled. Some, on the other hand, feel different, they seem to be tired, moody, melancholy, and all of this allergic to the plants that flourish.

Discover What You Are Allergic to and Prevent It

Since the number of spring allergens is incredibly broad, you are undoubtedly wondering how it is possible to determine what you are precisely allergic and what irritates the nose, eyes, and throat. Best way to discover what caused the allergic is naturally an allergy test done through the skin. It is done with a doctor, and children and adults may be subject to it. If you’ve been tormented with identical symptoms for several seasons, then you just have to do an allergy test to know exactly what you are fighting. Whether it’s pollen grass, ragweeds or some flowers.

Prevention is the most important. This means avoiding exposure to allergens because this is the safest way to save yourself from possible reactions. Always keep the windows closed when there is wind outside. After taking the time out in nature, take a shower to clean all the allergens that are attached to your skin and put the wardrobe on the wash immediately. Experts say that after a few hours spent outside, you are literally covered with allergens, and what’s worse is to place them through your home, furniture, and that’s why it’s essential to change out immediately. In this way, you reduce the concentration of allergen that you have brought from the outside.

Love to spend time outdoors?

Gardening is in spite of allergies, then you just have to take some precautions so that you do not get bothered by the terrible symptoms. At least half an hour before going out, take an antihistamine to help reduce your symptoms. Also, make sure you have sharp drops for your nose and eyes to avoid any surprises.

Why Does Sun Brings Dark Thoughts?

Spring days can cause a whole series of turbulence in our body. Only that spring often does not bring immediate relief with the first sunrises. On the contrary, in addition to poverty and fatigue, in some people, it can cause anxiety and even depression. However, in the spring we are not talking about the real seasonal depression, the so-called seasonal affective disorder (SAP), which is characteristic for autumn and winter months. Dark, cold days in many people cause a decline in energy and bad mood, sadness, self-pull, slowing down, lack of focus, or concentration, and the like. It is assumed that the cause of such a condition is a lack of natural light with a vital role in the creation of serotonin, also known as the “hormone of happiness which is responsible for good mood.

Depression can be identified by some primary symptoms- irritability, slow motion and speech, lack of concentration, change in appetite, tiredness, lack of energy, loss of interest in activities you otherwise enjoyed, reduced sexual desire.

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