Deal With Your Insecurity and Regain Confidence in Several Steps

Deal With Your Insecurity and Regain Confidence in Several Steps

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No matter how smart, capable or strong you are, life, work and environment can become challenging if you feel inadequate to cope with their demands. You may think that your peers do not accept you,  that you don’t “fit in” with society and failure to deal with insecurity could hurt your relationships and work.

Understand What You Feel

The first step is crucial and involves understanding your insecurity. So, ask yourself why you feel insecure and determine where those feelings come from.  If your uncertainty has a strong foundation and legitimate cause it can be easier to cure. Insecurities can have many different purposes- physical appearance,  failure at work or in love.

Be Kind to Yourself

Behavioral researcher and psychologist Shad Helmstetter say that each of us has the power to give our mind the right directions to do the right thing. So, you can continue to respond to the negative programming that you’ve been giving it or start thinking and acting positive way. Try to cultivate a healthy and humorous belief in yourself to help you overcome your need for approval.

Break Hurtful Habits

To overcome your insecurity break the routine, the habits that shape your day-to-day. Patterns aren’t your destiny, but still, it takes time and effort to break them- understand how your habits work and change them, try to find new routines.

Do What You Know Best

For dealing with insecurity is good to find something you are good at and doing it. Some hobby will help you because it relieves stress and builds confidence when you want to escape on those bad days. Painting, knitting, gardening or hiking- whatever you choose, it needs to be something that requires some unique quality in you such as creativity, endurance.

Be Decisive and Courageous

Author James Messina underlines that practicing being sure to help others see your worth. When you once experience success, you can build upon it to gain the courage.  That will make you believe in yourself, in your self-goodness and self-worth. Open up yourself to the possibility of success,  visualize or make a prophecy of winning at life, and your energy will be focused in the direction of overcoming your insecurity.

Be Consistent

Being constant is very important and like writer Napoleon Hill says, without continuous attention and effort, even the most exciting success just fails to end up on our list of good ideas. So, talk to yourself regularly regarding self-esteem and self-worth.

Failure Doesn’t Define You

Past failures don’t define you, they are part of life. Author James Messina recommends placing yourself in a vulnerable position to break the barrier of self-doubt- let go past hurts and move on with your life.

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