Delicious Food Can Lead Us to Delirium, But Also into a Hangover Caused by Overeating

Delicious Food Can Lead Us to Delirium, But Also into a Hangover Caused by Overeating

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You haven’t drink; still, you feel a hangover?

 You were very careful not to overdo with alcohol for the holidays. When you think about it, need to drive home save, all the cousins ​​around you, and somehow, you do not want to spend the next day with a massive headache, tired and sleepy. But, instead, you attacked and destroyed mom’s delicious food. A perfectly arranged table, various salads, pies, sauces, and dishes, uh, like a real Christmas miracle. And in those – fats, carbs, salt and spices, so much you can’t imagine. You went to sleep with a full heart even fullest stomachs, without spending absolutely no energy at all. You woke up with a headache. Like you were drinking the previous day. The hangover. Is it possible?

How does a food hangover works?

A food hangover occurs when you lose control over eating. First, you bring in much more energy value, fats, protein, and carbohydrates. After that, you are fighting digestion, and feel absolutely the same symptoms as if you were drinking alcohol. It’s disturbing, you cannot get up, and what’s worse, you have the impression that will last forever.

After overeating, slight dizziness occurs, in the head becomes somewhat clouded. How not to be, since not enough oxygen stays in the brain while all the blood rush into the digestive tract, to fight the attack of the foods you served to it. You are going into some sort of delirium, concentration is dropping, and drowsiness happens. Just like when you are drunk, you cannot make a sentence, make a glance, especially not able to drive a car.

When the war with food in the stomach begins, gastrology problems start – and maybe the most unpleasant stage of a food hangover. The first is the feeling of bloating, which happens in flaming eating and excessive air intake along with food. The next problem is unpleasant gases. You feel like a bomb. Too much food causes bloating. Then, the final stage, acid. This is already the maximum of a hangover when you sense gastritis, a fire in the belly, or even pain. These symptoms are followed by severe pain, in harsh cases of overeating, even vomiting.

What can you do for yourself

First, if you are overeating salt food, should know that you have poisoned with the salt. The cure for this type of hangover – water and fiber-rich foods for the day after. Take plenty of water, and avoid alcohol because it can lead to dehydration. Luckily, salts are dissolving quick, so the salt-induced hangover will quickly disappear unless you have hypertension problems.

Spicy food brings the organism to the lava-stage. Not even a pleasant feeling of fire inside that continually makes you sweat and causes great discomfort. You need to “cool” with some light food, such as yogurt or a cucumber.

If all of the above has the alcohol-like effect, the sugar will act similar to narcotic drugs. Overeating with sugar-rich food will boost your energy and lift you up, and then, suddenly lower down. This is not a hangover, this is heroin. Avoid too much sugar.

If you stepped too much into your holiday overeating hangover, calming down with water and just cooling will not help. Take some baking soda,  dissolve in water and drink, to support digestion, and finish with all that food once for all. Likewise, medications and supplements can be a great aid.

When the holiday season, the abundance of food and laziness arrives, you need to be smarter. Overeating is, primarily, an excessive intake of, especially a bad combination of protein and carbs, but also poor mobility and physical exercise. If you keep inserting nutritional values ​​that you do not spend on whatever you do, you will feel the constant delirious. So, get refreshed, sway, run, ride a bike, or at least jump around at home with your favorite nieces and nephews. When you place all that delicious food on the plate, try to take a smaller plate. Try a little bit of all and leave a room for a dessert.

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