Dendrotherapy- Forest and the Healing Power of Nature

Dendrotherapy- Forest and the Healing Power of Nature

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Dendrotherapy has always been a special part of folk medicine. It is a therapeutic treatment by using the power of nature, trees, in particular. Parks and forests are known to be air purifiers, but trees can have enormous healing properties. Depending on the health problem, walking through the pine or oak forest is recommended, or sitting under the birch. You’ve probably noticed that a shorter stay in a forest has a soothing effect. One of the most prominent causes of diseases today – stress can be overcome with the help of dendrotherapy.

Dendrotherapy (Treating Trees) is a trend in folk medicine that relies on the transmission of positive energy from plants to humans. Particularly beneficial trees include oak, pine, beech, birch, chestnut, dishes, olives, acacia, linden, apple, and plum.

Two Hours in Forest- Two Weeks of Great Energy

Forests are rich in phytoncides, the so-called bactericidal substances that separate from trees and plants and air give medicinal properties. These useful substances only release trees to protect themselves from the disease. When people breathe, it has a significant impact on their health. In two hours of breathing in the forest air, the organism is so active that the person feels great for the next two weeks. It is therefore advisable to practice the dendrotherapy and walk the forest twice a month. When you are sad, irritable, or tired, or just want to get rid of tension and nerves, lean on your back (full length of the spinal column) and engage it with your hands like a long time ago when you were a kid and hide behind the trees. If you have problems with the internal organs, hug the tree as a dear friend. Yet, it is not recommended to stay in this “embrace” for more than twenty minutes. In any case, it is useful in nature to sort out thoughts and re-examine their actions. Finally, it is essential to know that dendrotherapy only helps if you apply it regularly and if it becomes a good habit.

What do we know about any tree?

Oak – one of the best dendrotherapy resources. Has extraordinary properties, above all, it acts as an anti-stress therapy because it stimulates circulation and decreases healing time. Oak is one of the greatest generators of positive energy. It is excellent that we have oak furniture in the house, not only because it is long-lasting and beautiful, but also because it radiates with positive energy. It brings vitality and long life.

Pine tree- calms down and eliminates tension. A more extended stay in the pine forest helps with coughing, sneezing, bronchitis and similar problems. By sitting under it, we renew energy. It affects the light and vitality, it mediates the transmission of information on water or glass.

Beech – strengthens the body’s resistance to stress and strengthens concentration, it also works well on circulation. Reduces skin inflammation. Helps in balancing mental health expresses emotions, affects expression and ability and is the principal conductor of cosmic radiation. Good dendrotheraphy phase, indeed.

Chestnut – it facilitates rheumatic pain, eliminates insomnia and, as the folk wisdom says, causes fear and tension of different origins.

Ash tree – brings peace of mind. It’s called the father of trees in which there are unique spirits who can cope with the illness.

Walnut – develops self-confidence, has very dynamic energy, develops the ability to distinguish illusion from the truth.

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