How to Detect Toxic People and Exclude Them from Your Life

How to Detect Toxic People and Exclude Them from Your Life

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Unpleasant and rude people are everywhere around us. It can be desk next to you at the office, a waiter at a restaurant, random guy at the stadium, but also, a member of your closest family. It is hard sometimes to drown a line between kindness and rudeness and to identify some person as really nice or entirely toxic. It is in human nature to love other people. But also, we should look out the best way how to protect ourselves from their toxic and malware behavior and the impact they have on our mood and live at all.

A toxic person can be a friend who continually intrudes your life with his personal drama, a colleague who cannot hide his frustration, a cousin who ignored you every time at family celebrations, or partner who never share his feelings, but only anger and complains, with you. What they all have in common – they are all unpleasant and exhausting most the time. A toxic person is not doing nothing to enrich our life or career or to make it more comfortable, more successful. But on the other hand, they expect from you to act, do your best to feel them better, so they suck out all your energy and leave you hollow and in a lousy mood every time they leave the room. So, how can we deal with them?

They don’t listen

Lack of active attention or just lack of interest signals that person does not listen to you. In a large number of cases, such toxic persons continue to speak their story or speak only about themselves, no matter what you say.

Always condemning others

You have found yourself in a company where a toxic person in an ugly way comments someone else. Toxic people are watching from high to all around – everyone else is ugly, less intelligent, poorly trained, or in any other way unworthy of their recognition.

They are always victims

According to them, any unfavorable situation is the result of the behavior of someone else, and not them. Did just break up a relationship? The guilt is of their evil, now already ex-partner. Are they late for work? The reason is a traffic jam. And it does not matter if something is their fault – they will never admit it.

They’re looking for attention

The easiest way to spot them during a conversation: toxic people talking the most, dominate, and control the conversation direction. They are happy only when all attention is directed to them.

They cannot admit they are wrong

In other words, they are always right. There is insufficient evidence to support the contrary that can convince them.

Regularly interrupting others

Interrupting others in conversation, in traffic, they leave the room because they must immediately have a phone call … Toxic people are always in the “ME” phase and have a more important job in life than to show little empathy or patience. The world is spinning only around them.

Physically or emotionally mistreat others

In both cases, the one who is the victim of abuse should seek as soon as possible the assistance to the competent institutions and in every way attempt to separate himself from the toxic person.

They do not take responsibility

Unfortunately, they are not aware that such behavior can lead to unwanted situations and results. Such are, for example, those people who constantly argue with figures of authority – be it a cop, a teacher, a judge, and entirely irrationally fighting for something for which they have no logical basis.

For Mental Health, Avoid Toxic Person

It is not easy to learn how to deal in the right way with toxic persons, regardless of whether it’s a job, a friendship, or a love affair. From the aspect of mental health, the healthiest option for you is not to be in the company of people who are toxic. Or, if by chance you find yourselves in a poisonous environment, be aware of this and to seek out and find a way to get out of it. Instead of looking for and discovering ways to stand toxic persons and spending time in an unhealthy environment, you can focus your energy on creating and finding a healthy and stimulating environment.

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