The Edible Flowers – Which Flower from The Vase You Can Put on a Plate?

The Edible Flowers – Which Flower from The Vase You Can Put on a Plate?

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The fragrance is lovely, they look stunning, and many of them are very tasty

Floral decoration is an inevitable part of every dressy table and feast. Still, beautifully colored, fragrant flowers in many countries are not only used for decoration but are part of traditional specialties. So we can find them in various dishes, salads, dressings, sauces. Not every flower is edible, so it’s important to know which herbs are used in the consuming and which not. You would be surprised, in addition to enriching the taste and texture of the meals, many of the flowers also have health benefits.

Which flower is your favorite dish?

Roses – these beauties can be found in gardens all over the world. Over the 150 different types of roses exists and they are all edible. Still, they do not have all the same taste. Those with a stronger scent are more delicious. With this flower is an edible petal, because you will agree, plates and leaves don’t seem very tasty. The rose petals can be found in salads, salted and sweet, but also cooked in marmalades, jellies, and different sweets. It is possible to dry rose petals and use with other dry fruit. They say that the rose in the dishes has relaxing effects.

Borage is a blue flower that has always been used in alternative medicine to help with a sore throat. And if its medicinal properties are not tested, it is known that leaf and flower can be eaten. It has a sweet taste and is often used as a decorative addition to desserts or cocktails, but it can be found in syrups, jams, salads, even eating a fresh flower.

Hibiscus grows in tropical regions. Characterized by a large flower of different colors, from red, white, yellow, to various shades of pink. A fresh flower can be consumed, but it is most often used to prepare tea. Hibiscus tea has powerful health effects and is used as an aid in reducing blood pressure. The tea is red and has a refreshing sour taste. Besides for the drink, the hibiscus flower is also used for salads, desserts, marmalades.

Lavender has the title of the most beautiful fragrance among the field herbs. This purple flower not only smells gorgeous and is used to make perfumes, but it has a specific flavor and is used in the Mediterranean kitchen. Lavender in a small amount, perfectly goes as a mixture with citrus, rosemary, blueberries and as a secret ingredient of delicious chocolate. People make liquors, syrups from a lavender flower and can be used for bakery specialties.

Nasturtium is a beautiful decoration of many cakes, pastries, salads. The cooks simply adore it because it has a specific pleasant taste, edible leaves, and flowers. The flower is mostly pale orange or red.

Next to its beautiful color and delicate taste has many nutritional values, it’s full of minerals, and it acts as an antioxidant.

Purslanes were long considered as weeds in the gardens, without any aesthetic and nutritional values. However, this small yellow flower has been gaining more and more attention in recent times, not only in gardening but also in cooking. Leaves and petals are edible. Consuming raw or cooked. This flower is incredibly healthy, mostly because it contains Omega 3 fats, in quantities more significant than any other plant. It is used in meals, salads, sandwiches; however you want.

Pensy is a delicate flower with magical petals. Dark purple and white color prevails, and this edible flower is a perfect addition to decorative salads. It has a pleasant floral taste and usually is in use as a fresh chopped. It is an excellent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Dandelion is a plant that is growing steadily – everywhere. This lively, bright yellow meadows’ resident has incredible nutritional properties and is known to be an antioxidant. Also, the whole plant, from root to flower, is used in the kitchen, fresh, in salads, but also in soups, dressings. It is even used for making particular types of wine.

Add some colors to your kitchen

Many plants that we thought were decorative can actually enrich your table and make it more exciting. Learn the tricks of the Mediterranean chefs or the distant East. Do not be afraid to experiment. A little color and exotic taste cannot harm anyone. You may wake up the senses and get even more ideas about how to use flowers from a vase in as many great ways as possible.

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