How Emotions Affect Health- 5 Feelings Endanger the Function of These Organs

How Emotions Affect Health- 5 Feelings Endanger the Function of These Organs

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Emotions, positive or negative, are part of a human’s life. They inevitably affect physical and mental health. For example, if we are sad, we usually feel pressure in our chest and have no air. Thus each emotion affects some of the organs that will respond to the disorder. These are sorrow, joy, concern, fear, and anger. The prominent influence on cellular health have those long-lasting emotions, primarily if they are not expressed, but are pushed inside, which is considered wrong because they then act longer.

Emotions shouldn’t be pushed nor is it vigorous expressed. We need to respect our emotions, acknowledge and accept. Only by accepting our emotions  we can reach the balance.

Everyone got days when we are more or less sad, happier, worried. And that’s normal and healthy. Every emotion should be experienced. However, if a feeling lasts for a long time or a strong intensity, it can seriously impair the health of specific organs and open the neck of the disease. The consequences are even more significant if a person already has a disbalance in the body.

Sadness and Lack of Air

If you feel torn in the lungs, the pressure that brings us to the lack of air, frequent flu and colds, the problem may be in extreme sadness that lasts for a long time. Skin and asthma problems may also be involved. It can be treated with acupuncture points along the lungs and meridians around the kidneys. Sadness can cause both depression and even payback. The best treatments are planted formula.

Happiness and Heart

Naturally, it sounds confusing to think that joy and happiness can cause some sort of disorder in the body. Namely, it is not a disorder related to happiness but a human imbalance. Significant problems can cause excessive excitement or surprise, such as some sudden good news. Stress can be both, negative and positive. Usually, loss of a loved one or loss of work is significant negative pressure. But marriage or childbirth or improvement at work, that is joy and something positive, but it is the same stress. Symptoms are the most common heartbeat, insomnia, or some kind of discomfort. This type of disorder is usually treated with herbal treatments consisting of the formula that feeds the heart.

Worry and Spleen

It is not good to overthink about problems and be obsessed with for a long time because it can greatly exhaust the spleen and lead to chronic fatigue. When the spleen is weakened, it can not effectively convert food into energy. Therefore, concern needs to be controlled. When the spleen weakens, a person feels faint, because his appetite weakens and the person forgets to eat. For treatment, we use plants that give us the energy to deal with problems in life.

Fears and Kidneys

We all had a need for uncontrolled urination. This is caused by extreme fear which can also affect the liver, which leads to depression, insecurity. It is treated with herbal tonics that considerably raise kidney energy. Stress – if is chronic, it can weaken the entire human body. Fear can lead to heartbeat, severe anxiety and constant insomnia. It is treated with psychotherapy and herbal treatments that soothe the human spirit and nerves and relax.

Anger and Liver

Anger causes liver energy to rise, causing redness of the face and bloody eyes. Anger can cause both flatulence and lack of appetite. Long anger can cause stagnation of the liver, which can cause depression. When this anger is treated, coffee should be avoided because it worsens the condition. All liver problems due to anger may also be reflected in the lungs and may lead to asthma.

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