The Era of Male Birth Control Pills is Coming

The Era of Male Birth Control Pills is Coming

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Sexual life of every adult person is not a taboo for decades. Moreover, this is one of the favorite topics for discussion. Also, it is a task for medicine and science, so that safe sex would be an absolute priority in the modern world. Scientists are trying for a long time to achieve an ideal contraceptive that will preserve against unwanted pregnancies, helping the hormonal balance and be absolutely harmless from all other aspects. Of course, birth control pills for women have been in existence for over 30 years, and there are almost no women who did not use them at a certain age. But the particular challenge is to invent male birth control pills that will be productive and safe for men.

Male birth control pill in testing – 11-beta-MNTDC

A few weeks ago, a team of scientists from the United States discovered the results of a fascinating test, conducted to assess the safety of the new pill called 11-beta-MNTDC. The drug was tested in clinical conditions, and the study included 40 sexually active men.

Primarily, this male birth control test contains progestational (sperm-blocking) and also androgenic (hormone-balancing), a mixture of two hormones, which in combination should reduce the creation of sperm in men and at the same time, do not harm libido. Testosterone is retained in the testes, but androgen maintains a balance in terms of hair growth, deep voice, muscles, body weight, and sexual function.

Successful in vivo study

The study was considering all 40 men were taking this pill for 30 days. 30 of them took the right medicine while placebo was shared for a total of 10 test subjects.

Taking male birth control pills has proven a significant reduction in hormones that produce sperm. Moreover, there were no significant side effects in the subjects, except for occasional headaches or feelings of fatigue. In a sexual sense, five people felt a mild decline in libido, and two succumbed to a slight mild sexual dysfunction.

Male birth control pills in the test phase proved to be safe and harmless. It should be kept in mind that at this stage of the test, the emphasis is placed on safety and effects for the person, less on the contraceptive properties of the pill. These characteristics proved as positive in some earlier trials.

Still, 11-beta-MNTDC is a hormone-based drug, which means it can cause some changes in the body.

Male contraceptive on the market in 10 years

Preliminary results of scientific studies show that male birth control pills can reduce sperm production by lowering the hormones LH and FSH in men. However, this study is in too young, and it takes some time to prove the effectiveness of this medicine. First, it is necessary to absolutely confirm the safety and effects that it can cause, then work on the birth control capabilities.

This team of scientists from America assesses that such a birth control pill could be found on the market by about ten years if the tests continue in this right direction.

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