Everything Comes from Mind- Health Conditions and Physical Pain We Feel are Directly Connected to Our Mental State

Everything Comes from Mind- Health Conditions and Physical Pain We Feel are Directly Connected to Our Mental State

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Your body and your soul, they are all what makes you the way you are

Our physical health is closely linked with our mental and vice versa. Daily worries and stress are often manifested through various physical pain and problems. When doctors cannot find the physical cause of the pain that chronically hurts us, you can be sure that it is a consequence of your emotional state.

Psychosomatic diseases are diseases of specific organs, which result from various psychic experiences, or unresolved psychic conflicts. It has been proven that many health disorders are caused by our psychological state, and as we are exposed to various stress situations every day and how “everything goes from the head,” aggravated stress in time leads to physical disorders and illness.

What health problems our brain can cause?

A headache trigger can be daily stress. If you feel this pain, take the time to rest and try to reduce stress.

Pain in the neck. If you feel pain in the neck, it can mean that you have a problem of forgiving to others or yourself. Think about the things you love with people.

Painful shoulders suggest that you have a heavy emotional burden. Concentrate on proactively solving problems and let others help you.

Asthma and chronic bronchitis are associated with the features of persistence and stubbornness. The onset or worsening of the disease usually precedes abandonment, the loss of emotional support, which is very pronounced in children who are often left by parents to guard other people.

Pain in the upper back. This pain means that you do not have enough emotional support. You may feel unloved and undesirable. In case you are alone, it may be time to go on a date.

Pain in the lower back. This pain can mean you are too worried about money. Maybe it’s time to charge that outstanding debt and look for advice on how to plan for financing.


Each of them has some meaning. If you cut your index finger, you are probably full of anger over the threat of ego in a situation. The thumb is a concern, the index is ego and fear, the middle finger has to do with sex and anger, the ring finger is related to the community and grief, the pinky finger is associated with the family and the transformation.

Pain in the elbow indicates your resistance to changes in your life. Stiffened hands mean a hard life. It’s time to shake things up.

Pain in your fists shows that you may not reach other people in the way you want. Think about getting new friends, lunch with colleagues and creating new relationships.

Feeling the hips mean you are too afraid of change. Sore hips mean you hesitate to move forward and that you are too careful when deciding something.

Knee pain can be an indicator of too high self-esteem. Try to be more modest and spend some time volunteering. Remember that you are just a mere mortal.

Gastrointestinal problems. The stomach is an organ that digests food, but digestive issues often occur in people who cannot cope with the current situation, experience, or a group of people around you. What’s your problem? Who or what can you not tell?

Treatment- Work on Yourself

Psychosomatic patients are treated in two phases. In the first, the disease is addressed, and in the other patient. This means that an existing condition is processed in the first phase of treatment, and then psychotherapeutic treatment begins. The most important thing is to work for yourself! Find something nice what you will do and what will fulfill you. You need a positive attitude towards the life and the world that surrounds.

It is also essential that the patient has confidence in his doctor. In such cases, even a placebo effect is possible. If there is no trust, nothing will help, and neither change in therapy nor medication will give the desired results. You need to get to know yourself and deal with yourself. It is desirable to write a diary, how you spent the day, how you felt, so that could analyze yourselves and so we might discover what the real cause of your illness is.

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