Excellent Diet for Hormone Balance and Harmonization

Excellent Diet for Hormone Balance and Harmonization

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Digestion, liver functions, controlled sugar levels – three critical tasks for maintaining hormonal balance in women

A woman with a proper hormone balance is a super woman. Her hair is shining, and her face is perfectly clear. Always has a healthy appetite – but no problem with weight. Super-woman has regular periods, and she is fertile. This woman goes through life much smoother and most of us, and that’s how she’s aging, too. Unsightly, comfortable, nice.

Yet, millions of women in the world are not super-women. They live with a hormonal imbalance, and at least one of the above does not play in her team. The author of Cooking for Hormone Balance believes that secrets of health and balanced life have their basics in a triangle: proper digestion, good liver function, and control of the blood sugar. As well as every basis, this triangle has to have its three angles equally strong and robust so that the hormonal balance in the body can be maintained. Fortunately, all three functions can be supported and improved by the introduction of healthy eating. Nutrition is half the health, and the hormone balance is mostly covered in the foods we choose for ourselves.


Many people think that stomach acid is a problem, in fact, its disadvantage causes problems with digestion, heartburn, gases. The acid in the stomach has the role of collecting as many minerals and nutrients as necessary for glands running, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium vitamins B3 and B12. By increasing stomach acid, the enzymes needed for digesting proteins, carbs, and fats are produced, just as the proper function of the pancreas. Insufficient acidity prevents fat degradation, thereby increasing cholesterol. Suspended cholesterol packs lead to hormone imbalance in sex hormones, such as estrogen or testosterone. Proper digestion and acid will also prevent the development of bacteria, preventing a significant infection in the body.

Hyper glycaemia

High blood sugar affects the hormonal balance. It can lead to an increase in testosterone levels that will manifest itself through extreme malignity, ovarian cysts, stomach fat. It’s the same with hormone estrogen, which can cause the onset of fibroids, endometriosis, breast lumps. Here comes the damage of the adrenal gland, when in function, has the power to reduce stress. It’s miserable work brings out the entire chain reaction in the body and a severe hormonal balance disorder.

Before breakfast

After waking, slit two tassels of vinegar or lemon juice in lukewarm water or water at room temperature and drink. This way you will increase your stomach acid and absorb most of the nutrients you enter with food.

The breakfast

Proteins, fats, and fibers. These are essential nutrients for hormonal balance. The western culture is mostly mistaken when choosing breakfast that contains too much sugar while nutritionists recommend a breakfast rich in proteins, fibers, and fats, enough to give energy all day long. Do not be addicted to sugar, or caffeine. Make sure you enter the following into your organism:

Proteins – various types of edible fruits and vegetables, whole hemp hearts, seeds, especially chia seeds, meat, eggs

Healthy fats – avocado, coconut butter, butter, fish, nuts and the like

Fibers – Absolutely every kind of vegetables available to you

After breakfast

Most people drink coffee in between two meals. Coffee is not good for the hormonal balance, and reduce its consumption (you do not have to eliminate it). Try tea from the so-called holy basil, or Tulsi tea. It can be found in almost ever healthy food stores, and it’s easy to prepare. One cup of water on the two teaspoons of this tea and let it stand overnight. Drinking this beverage has a detox effect, and it will positively influence the establishment of a hormonal balance.


The lunch must be a perfect mix of vegetables and useful proteins. Avoid milk products and carbohydrates, gluten, and alcohol for the most part. These substances can cause loose gastrointestinal activity, chest lumps, fibroids, PMS, and menstrual pains.

For lunch always look to take something green, which will clean the body from toxins with the help of powerful DIM-Di-indolyl-methane. Cleaning will contribute to hormonal stability and proper functioning of the organism. Lunch should include:

Vegetables: broccoli, lettuce, bok choy, cabbage, carrots, kale, arugula and similar

Meat: lamb, salmon, chicken


The basic rule of healthy digestion is a light dinner and avoiding eating in the late hours. Dining late in the evening prevents us from having a high-quality and robust sleep, and good sleep is a foundation for a hormonal balance, detoxification of the liver and regeneration of the cells.

As a result, this diet must contain as less food as possible for dinner.

A smart choice that will affect the hormone balance is a soup.

Vegetable soup: any vegetables combined with 3, rich in fiber and probiotic, mushrooms that will boost the immune system, as well as vegetables rich in sulfur.

Tea before bed: tea from ginger and lemon, dandelion tea, chamomile.

Natural herbal tea helps the liver work, cleanse the body from toxins, strengthen immunity, soothe the body and enable a quality sleep.

Follow the plan of these nutrients for 3 days, and you will see drastic changes in your health and hormone balance. It is advisable to adhere to the correct combinations of proteins, fats, and fibers, with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals essential for the smooth operation of hormonal glands and organs. Avoid sugar and all foods that could adversely affect digestion, liver function, and blood sugar levels.

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