Fantastic Nutrition and Health Benefits of Cocoa

Fantastic Nutrition and Health Benefits of Cocoa

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Find Out What This Tasty Drink Can Do For You

Cocoa is one of the foods we bring almost every day to the body, and rarely we ask ourselves what it contains and how it affects us. Since ancient times it has been considered precious, earlier a beverage from this plant was reserved only for warriors and the social elite, and had ceremonial features. It grows on trees 4 to 8 meters high, the origin of this plant comes from the tropics of South America, and the fruit is most often used to produce cocoa powder.

Real cocoa, not one of the colored sugar beans, this autumn should become your favorite evening drink.

How Cocoa Affects Our Organism

It is rich in precious substances, and obtained by grinding the baked seeds. Bake cocoa powder contains 25% vegetable fats, 20% protein, and 10% carbohydrates. The content of fats is not much higher than for many kinds of cheese that are considered to be low-fat. These are vegetable fats, similar to those found in olive oil that is free of cholesterol. The percentage of minerals is very high, 6%. A hundred grams of bitter powder contains 625 mg of phosphorus, much more than fish. Besides, there is also a high percentage of iron (12 mg per 100 g), much more than foods that are thought to be rich in iron (e.g., spinach). And the percentage of magnesium is high, and this mineral is very useful in the treatment of nervous and cardiovascular diseases. The content of B vitamins, especially B3, is high too.

Benefits Of Cocoa

You are familiar with the benefits of cocoa and chocolate that act as a natural stimulant to the body, and here are some other benefits that will be provided by just one hot cup of this beverage every evening of these cold days.

Helps in muscle recovery. It has been proven many times, and it is said how much cacao is essential in muscle recovery, so it is strongly recommended to drink a cup after training because abundant proteins are necessary for muscle regeneration and healthy carbohydrates that will quickly replace lost energy. And in combination with milk, it will supply the body with lost electrolytes.

It Can Substitute Evening Meal. For cocoa, there is a somewhat funny rule that says, although its caloric, it’s really better to drink a cup of cocoa than tea in the evenings. This is because calories will get a little saturated and you will not feel the need for another meal before bedtime.

Natural Mood Elevator. With the benefits of physical health, warm cocoa works perfectly on our psyche, so if you feel tired of all-day stress overnight, and you need some help to relax and fall asleep, drink a cup of hot cocoa.

Improves Memory. Cocoa contains many valuable flavonoids that directly affect a better brain function, thus removing the memory and preventing the onset of dementia in old age.

Heals Heart and Blood Vessels. If you did not know, the cocoa perfect stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens the blood vessels and so reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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