Why Is Fear So Fun? Scary Situation Produces Adrenaline and Dopamine

Why Is Fear So Fun? Scary Situation Produces Adrenaline and Dopamine

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When we are scared, our brain emits dopamine- the hormone and neurotransmitter that controls the center for pleasure- so it’s not surprising that we love a little bit of fear and being scared, but only with knowing we are not in real jeopardy.

As long as we know that the danger is not real, we really feel like the fear is amusement. The brain, during the false fear, is the light of dopamine that stimulates the centers of pleasure. The mind can eventually become accustomed to common dread, like when constantly watching horror movies, so we must find new ways to frighten ourself if we want to continue to be entertain.

One of the explanations that interpret the enjoyment of fear refers to the euphoria that creates adrenaline in stressful situations. The experience is the one that is often compared with the orgasm, and on that feeling, they accumulate income and adrenaline parks.

From Ancient, Fear is Companion of Humanity

The feeling of fear is an ancient companion of humanity, as part of the mechanism of defense from danger, but also as a form of entertainment. Among the animal species, and so in the evolution of man, fear has a clearly defined role of alarm. It is an unpleasant feeling associated with some danger, which forces us to confront, hide or escape. The purpose of this mechanism in our body known as “fighting or escaping” is pure survival, and a series of physiological reactions, from the accelerated pulse, trembling and increased sweating, to nausea, and some vomiting of this fainting, occur.

We are afraid during various natural disasters, accidents, we are so scared in the dark streets, when looking at the spider, when we are in deep woods or in the underground garage … It should be said that not everyone is afraid of the same, that is, the intensity of fear depends on a series of details, from innate traits to the influence of the environment in which we grew up. Fear can be justified, but also “unjustified,” and without obvious threat, we are talking about anxiety. Considering that excessive fear significantly disrupts the quality of life, it is not a waste to seek professional help, especially if it is a phobia.

Ah, those wonderful creatures

But fear can obviously be fun, perhaps even in the animal world. Do you remember the old documentary film “Ah, those wonderful creatures” and a scene in which a monkey persistently raises a stone under which a serpent is terribly afraid? He lifted the rock, losing consciousness when looking at the snake, but as soon as he came to himself, he again reached for the stone. And so several times. He does not run away from danger but repeats the action that may give him some kind of pleasure.

Scary Stories, Dangerous Situation Bring Excitement To Life

People scare themselves and their neighbors from ancient times- jumping from the cliff into the water, entering the unexplored cave, sneaking out from the back and telling terrible stories. The reasons are numerous – to prepare children to live in a dangerous world, to increase resistance to stress, to build discipline, to prove courage, or to put others on trial. The stories of witches, vampires, wolves, and ghosts were talked about campfire long before the first reconnaissance societies were established. Terrible stories spark our imagination and bring excitement to life.

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