Fibromyalgia Causes Pain In the Whole Body You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fibromyalgia Causes Pain In the Whole Body You Shouldn’t Ignore

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In the multitude of diseases, few people know about fibromyalgia, which is why they often wonder, not knowing, even though they have problems, to whom to turn. Fibromyalgia presents a syndrome, or a set of more diseases with similar symptoms, so doctors should pay particular attention to listening to the patient in order to set the right diagnosis. Otherwise, the healing path can become far more complicated and more difficult. Fibromyalgia is sometimes not recognized in time because the symptoms of the pains that come to her are often replaced by a body and brain tiredness. The main symptoms of fibromyalgia are often associated with a sense of fatigue, while in fact pointing to more significant problems. Many diseases are associated with this, and treatment requires less life change.

Cause Is Still Unknown

The specific cause of fibromyalgia is still unknown. Women are more likely to get this illness than men, especially during menopause. People who are sensitive, anxious, depressed or suffering from some similar psychological illnesses may also suffer from this disease. Fibromyalgia can be caused by a viral infection, but this area has not yet been sufficiently explored. Some of the subjects who were suspected of suffering from fibromyalgia during the study recognized the struggle of the organism against infection. This is why it is considered that strengthening immunity is the first step in alleviating these unpleasant symptoms.

Symptoms are Often Replaced by Fatigue or Other Illnesses

The main symptoms of fibromyalgia are severe pains that are widespread in the muscles. Especially they feel in the neck and shoulders. With pain, there is marked exhaustion and difficulty sleeping. These pains are often replaced by joint disorders, but fibromyalgia pains are felt in adjacent muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These pains can last for a very long time, for some and all of your life. However, this does not mean that their intensity is always the same, sometimes the pain is weaker and sometimes stronger. With widespread and severe pain, the patients had a problem with irritable bowels, headache, poor memory and concentration, a feeling of swelling of the hands and feet, severe heartburn and depression. The question of irritable bowel appears in more than half of the patients.

Treatment Includes Simple Changes

There are cases in which fibromyalgia has subsided or completely disappeared spontaneously if stress is reduced. But without proper treatment, this disease returns or becomes chronic. The main ways to deal with pain are stretching exercises and aerobics. This doesn’t mean that you have to join a gym, but at least briefly do exercises every day to improve the circulation in the body. One of the ways to reduce symptoms and treatments is to reduce stress and to obtain a high-quality sleep. With a sufficient amount of sleep, psychological problems such as depression will also be overcome. Antibiotics have not been shown to be effective through research. If you suffer from fibromyalgia and have side effects such as depression and anxiety, you need to cure these psychological problems. Very helpful will also be relaxing massages that will trigger circulation and relax muscles. Besides, hot baths, acupressure, and sauna can help. It is known that acupuncture has a profound effect on pain relief more than some other non-invasive treatment.

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