First Time Dad? How to Manage Stress After a Baby Comes

First Time Dad? How to Manage Stress After a Baby Comes

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Childbirth is the most beautiful and happiest thing in life. It might happen that this moment, and a couple of months before and after, you would be so thrilled and confused, you will not be immediately aware of it. But it is true. Another truth, after the baby is born, the whole tribe, friend and family are paying much more attention to new mothers, their lives and responsibilities. Of course, there is nothing in the world that can replace maternity. But there is another person whose life is changing from the root, who wakes up every two hours, walks on his fingers, loves immensely and is under a lot of stress – a brand new dad.

A dad, just like a mother, faces parenting, new habits, and challenges. They say that men will invent a lot of work in the office or a thousand more clever excuses to sneak out of the house and break from the baby, but this is not entirely correct. Men equally accept the challenge of parenting and fresh dad needs to be involved in the newborn’s life. Perhaps he is not trained to act so, but here are a few tips to better adapt to new conditions, get to know baby and be a super-dad.

Need to recognize what will change your life

After the child’s birth, parents have a new priority. Dad will have to change his schedule. There will be no more time for business meetings, staying late in the office, nights spent in designing projects for the company. Fathers need to work less, mothers will stop working for some time, which will bring less money into the home. The first stress, financial tension. Nursing training is not cheap. Diapers, milk, food, clothes, toys, not to mention the necessary extension of living space. It seems like you need to be a magician to arrange all this.

If you can solve the space problem, you cannot solve the time. It may be even more of a problem when the baby arrives. Many parents lived a lot on their own as a couple and gave themselves a lot of small pleasures, every day. A new dad will have to say goodbye to these little joys. It’s time to devote to your child and spend most of the time with him. This will reduce the time spent with friends, exercise, fishing, travel. Perhaps the most difficult for dad, the baby will occupy the attention of their loved ones so there will be very little od marriage life in the schedule.

Less time for a beloved wife means less time for love. Of course, the baby that cries and eats every two hours and the sexual life of the parents – an impossible mission under the same roof.

Thus, one after the other, new changes will physically and emotionally exhaust young parents, and fresh dad will find himself on the right rollercoaster, stressed and dissatisfied.

It does not have to be that way. The first rule – you are together in all this. Dad should rely on mom, and otherwise. When you start a life together, of course, you can not accurately predict what to expect, but you can imagine. Plan together and anticipate all these causes of stress after childbirth. So you will be able to relieve yourself of such a short period of your life, save your marriage and enjoy each moment with your newborn.

A million ways how fresh dad can participate and enjoy

We can give thousands of tips on how a dad can participate in pregnancy and raise a newborn. However, this is something that a man must naturally feel and want. We can only give a suggestion, how to take advantage of the things that will happen to you once in a lifetime, and the incredible experience of parenting.


Dad needs to be included. It is essential to be involved during pregnancy. Learn more about this. Get informed, cuddle your woman’s stomach, talk to the baby. Feel when it kicks. So you will come closer not only to your woman but also to her maternity.

It has been scientifically proven that singing near the abdomen can help the baby recognize the voice after birth. An upcoming dad should laugh and sing when he is close to his favorite pregnant woman.

Dad should go to breathing training. Prenatal classes can be beneficial when the moment comes, and the dad’s role is enormous. Besides, your loved one will feel that you care and worry.

Breastfeeding and Nightwatch

For many years now, it is a practice for fathers to attend the birth of children. Furthermore, there are unique hospital rooms where a new dad can stay together with his dear family until leaving home. Breastfeeding can be painful and hard for the mother. She needs all the help. Did you know there is even a device in the form of a female breast so that fathers can feed their newborns and get closer? The mother and father alliance is a crucial and most healthy environment for the baby.


Get advice. You would be surprised how much of useful parenting advice you can get from men around you. An older friend, colleague or family members who were a fresh dad once upon a time. Do not hesitate to talk to them about babies. Even if they seem to be too macho and uninteresting, believe, they were in your place and can teach you well.

Consult a financial advisor. When the family becomes bigger, it’s time to spend more rationally and wisely. Fathers will have a lot of new expenses, just like moms. Perhaps you didn’t know, almost every government gives particular benefits for new parents. Inform about it and use your parental rights.  It can be excellent support for the start, at least until you get into a new life rhythm. Also, the expert advice on proper distribution and spending can be of great help.

Taking care of your children

Dad has an important role in the children live. Even if  the baby is small and unconscious, do not think it does not mean if you feed it, change diapers, bathe it. It means so much. Be a parent.

It is essential that dad spend time with the baby, play with and entertain it. The same continues for the whole period of childhood. Learning and playing with father develops unique skills and characteristics in children.

Imagine what kind of father you want to be

In the end, nature has already determined that your descendant loves you absolutely and mainly unconditionally. But before it comes to the world, think about what kind of dad you want to be? Think about your father. Remember, dad is always there to protect, defend and love his family. Try to be gentle with your partner and children, give them love and commitment. At the same time, dad is a role model for his children, their reflection in the mirror. If you have a clear picture of what you want your children to become tomorrow, then you know what kind of a father figure you need to be.

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