Five Basic Steps for ABS from Steel – Men Work Out

Five Basic Steps for ABS from Steel – Men Work Out

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It is all about finding the right Work Out program

Many of you spend hours in the gym, working exhausting and severe exercises to bring your body into the desired form. Work on your hands, shoulders, legs, but your abdominal looks like it’s telling “I’d rather take a beer and a burger, thank you.” However, it is necessary to be persistent. Building muscles are individual for every person. What is important is to find a real work out program and introduce a little discipline into your life. With proper nutrition, the next five steps will make your ABS  stronger, and finally, you can think about six packs, for boasting around at on the beach.

Five basic steps for better ABS

  1. The overhead crunch – lie on the back, with legs bent at the knees. Hands must be placed above the head. Make your arms straight ahead. Remember, the hands must be straightened and tightened. Make moves slowly, with total motion control. The more the movement goes, the higher the effect. You may feel that muscles in the abdomen are tight and working.

2.The reverse crunch – the next step is basically similar to the first one. Lie on your back with your hands next to your body. The knees are bent. This time, with light movements, lift your legs bent in your knees to the level of your chests. Please note that the backs remain glued to the floor. The leg movement should be up to 90 degrees to the torso, where the feet are merged. Repeating this movement slowly and controlled, you feel that the lower part of the ABS slowly heats up and makes a real effort. This is one of the greatest exercises for man and always troublesome parts of the ABS.

  1. Sit-ups – an inevitable exercise for perfect ABS! Lie on your back, your knees bent again, your arms above your head. While your feet are firm on the floor, raise the torso to 90 degrees in compare to the floor. You will feel how hips support your body movements. It is imperative here to make an effort from your shoulders and chests. Never overburned your neck too much so that the move is correct. After only a few reps, you feel that the ABS is “burning” and that satisfying pain in the abdominal area.
  2. Frozen V sit – a body is still in the lying position. Stretch your legs and arms over your head. With light movements, your legs go up, and you make your bow to them. Try to touch or to get as close as possible with your hands to the feet. Pay attention to the tightness of the knee or elbow. Also, in the exercise, the lower part of the spine is glued to the floor. This is a perfect step, which is more than efficient in making six packs and ABS from your dreams.
  3. The extended plank – the final movement in this work out should be a plank. Plank is a useful exercise that makes contractions in many muscle groups, but if you work on an extended plank, you will have a particular effect on the ABS area. Place the body in a push-up position, with your hands sticking out more in front of your shoulders. Stay in a plank position as long as you can. This exercise has an effect on the deepest layers of abdominal muscles, making the foundation of a new better look for you.

Work out at home and test your progress

Such work out does not require any specialized equipment or space. That’s why it’s possible to work out at home. If you want ABS from steel, start today. The necessary five steps, at least three times a week, must produce results. If you are already overcoming your performance, try the same exercises in the series as the AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).

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