Forest is the Best Clinic, and the Forest Bathing Is the Healthiest Therapy, According to Japanese Experts

Forest is the Best Clinic, and the Forest Bathing Is the Healthiest Therapy, According to Japanese Experts

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Born under the big city lights. Our children live on the ninth floor, and the wood is a plastic decoration in the apartment. A modern man lives with a constant sense of craving, both physically and mentally. He does not have enough space, no air or time. Like everyone else, each person comes to the point when wish to leave, go out to the street and run until getting deep behind the high woods into the darkness of the forest, where everything is peaceful and distinctive. To go there and just to breathe.

Forest remind us on tales, fairies, and mythical creatures, but also the fundamental shape of mother nature and the place where we genuinely interact with the Earth. It is magical, full of mysteries and intrigues. In a forest, wonders happen, but also could be found peace and freedom.

Every walk through the woods profoundly affects mind and body, making it brighter and healthier. “Forest bathing” is a synonym for Japanese belief in the healing power of trees, as well as the tradition of forest therapy. The Japanese strongly believe, and their scientists prove that greenery and trees have healing effects on stress, anxiety, tension, but also incredibly strengthening the immune system. With this in Japan, “forest bathing” is a real treatment that has been used in practice since 1982.

Forest can fix us

Trees emit phytoncides, essential oils that are found in the wood air and affect the number of killer cells in our organism. When we produce enough of these cells, we make a small immune army, to fight the illnesses, even cancer, and remain vital and healthy.

Sound, look, smell

The whisper of the trees and the winding of the leaves are sounds that we recognize as calming. Woods gives you the feeling of tranquility with the beautiful birdsong, slowing heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It is known that the observation of green color rests eyes and has a positive effect on people. Forest landscapes will relax your mind but also release you of tension and stress. As you walk through it, you will feel all the gorgeous scents of fresh grass, pins, wildflowers, wood oils.

Each of us knows even the smallest forest, the path, the park nearby our home. When there’s too much smog in the city, gloomy and frustrated faces, step through the trail and find yourself surrounded by green. You will understand why trees have such great power. And here are some examples what can you do to connect with nature more deeply and experience the real impact on your soul and body.

Tree Hugging

You’ve always considered this a crazy thing – a silly performance of the hippies and green fanatics. However, know that every living thing is made up of atoms. Each atom vibrates at a particular frequency. The frequency of the trees is unique because, as science proves, it affects the biological state of people at the touch.

Another proven theory – hugs are the emotional need. While you are hugging, your body emits oxytocin, the hormone responsible for human emotions.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself in the forest or in the park, do not be shy, but grab your new green friend and give him a warm hug.

Forest is the best listener

It is not strange why there is always a wise tree in old stories and fairy tales. Forest is the best place to think aloud. People often turn their attention to important things, burying their problems deeply because they have no one who will listen or don’t know how to find the right way to say it. That’s where uncertainty comes from, and behind it is fear, dissatisfaction, stress. Stand under the old tree. Tell him what bothers you. Do not be surprised if you get the answers. The forest will clear your mind, expand the perspectives and fill with the energy necessary to overcome any obstacle. Secondly, psychologists say that talking out loud, with yourself, increasing the self-confidence.

Teach everyone around you to hear, see and feel the nature 

Whoever you might be and have in this real world – your lungs are equally screaming for the smell of the forest, to breathe profoundly, as the eyes and thoughts go higher to the flashing leaves on the branches of the old woods. The forest belongs to everyone and no one. It belongs to us, it is a part of us, just like our lungs, heart, eyes. Take your children to the green trails, teach them to find health, rest and joy among trees. And show them

how to save even the smallest green oasis, because there will always be their roots and they will always return there for their strength.

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