Freelancer’s Life- Organize Your Work Time

Freelancer’s Life- Organize Your Work Time

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If you’ve ever done a classic office work from 9 am to 5 pm, I can bet that you thought even once that it would be good if you were a freelancer, to work from home, according to your rules, when and how you want. Well, that just looks like a dream job – you’re in pajamas all day, your kitchen is at your fingertips, pleasant music in the background that does not bother anyone. You do not waste time preparing, on the way to work, or by communicating with colleagues that you sometimes want to avoid.

This is in theory, but in practice, it’s quite different. To look how you imagine it, you need to be disciplined and above all exceptionally well organized.

To be productive, several tricks can help.

Make Your Work Place

Although your first thought is to just stay in bed with a laptop, you will not be productive to the desired extent. Only after a couple of hours, you will slip into soft pillows and fall asleep. So it’s better to make yourself a fake workplace that means sitting at the table, steady and awake. Your workstation does not have to have anything other than laptops, notebooks, and pens, and you can set up your office, a working corner just as you’ve always imagined.

Determine Your Working Hours

As a freelancer, you will not have fixed-term work time like you were working in an office, but it’s important to set yourself up to a particular time. You can not sleep until noon or work all day, you must have time for yourself and use it efficiently and productively. So, determine the real time for which you can complete all the work, but you also have the background for other things. A few hours in the afternoon, a few afternoons, and your workday is over.

Get Dressed

Far from having to sit all day in a tight skirt or high heels, but still, you don’t have to be in your pajamas at home. Research has shown that you will be much more productive if you partially prepare yourself as if you are going to the office because more formal clothing promotes concentration and motivation. Dress for success.

Do it, Don’t Mess It Up

Anything that is not part of your job leave for hours after work, in the evening or on weekends. Do not switch on the washing machine or remove the dust until the job is in progress.

Make Mini Breaks

Make a break every hour or two, move away from the computer, rest your eyes, breathe little fresh air, drink coffee and eat. It is necessary to refresh and relax your head so you can continue with the job.

Regular and Smart Snacks

Breaks and snacks are indispensable even when you are working at home, and the fact that your refrigerator is near your hands can be dangerous. Keeping healthy snacks- fruits, nuts, that you reach when you make a break, to refresh and instigate concentration.

Set Goals

The fact that you don’t have the concrete boss who gives you tasks does not mean that you can not set goals for yourself. If you do it and if you strictly stick to them, you will have a constant insight into your career and the impression that it moves in the desired direction. Sure, you’ll know what you’re doing.

Business vs. Private

Try to separate business and private obligations and activities. When you’re done with the job, forget about the laptop, e-mails, and calls related to it. Then it’s time for you, your friends and family.

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