Fresh Foods That Should Not Be Mixed in a Juicer

Fresh Foods That Should Not Be Mixed in a Juicer

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Using fresh foods in a diet is indeed a good choice, and you should try to take it as much in your daily menu as possible. Nevertheless, there is the fresh fruit and vegetables that lose their energy or nutritional value if, for example, are mixed in the juicer. Some fruit does not contain enough juice but is rich in some other ingredients and should never be put into the juicer, but used differently. For example, make a smoothie of it.

Here are the foods that should not be juiced.


Bananas are favorite tropical fruits that do not contain too much juice. But, they are succulent with fantastic sweet taste, so their use in a diet is enormous. We recommend that you put bananas in the blender rather than the juicer because you will not get a satisfactory amount of healthy ingredients for a meal.


As well as bananas, avocado belongs to tropical fruits that do not contain too many liquids. However, this food is bound with fiber and healthy fats necessary for healthy nutrition. By mixing the avocado in the juicer, you remove all the nutrients and get very little juice. Keep the Avocado out of the machine.


Pears, unlike the previous fruits, are abundant of juices, but also full of fruit fructose. By squeezing the matured fruits into juices, you bring in a considerable amount of fructose which, especially for those with a sensitive stomach, can cause discomfort in the digestive part of the body.


It is able to enrich every refreshing beverage or treat. Adding coconut milk to your fresh mix will undoubtedly improve its content and health performance. However, raw coconut meat is not nutrition that goes into a juicer. It does not contain enough juice and does not have the same effect as coconut milk or water. Use coconut meat as a salad supplement rather than as an ingredient of a fresh mix.


It is a real treasure trove of vitamins and healthy ingredients. Still, green vegetables are rich in oxalates, which can irritate kidney stones, so avoid excessive amounts of beverages made from juiced kale.

Juicer is a fantastic choice for every kitchen. With it, you don’t have to worry about adding enough vitamins to your body. It will also help you to prepare a refreshing, healthy meal for your family, by using sweet foods for all that they don’t like to eat, as a camouflage. We suggest that you put a blender on the kitchen table next to the juicer, which will serve you for those types of fresh foods that should be used entirely, not just the juices from them. Combine and make healthy mixes. Health can be tasty!

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