Get Rest and Don’t Forget to Dream – Lack of Sleep Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Get Rest and Don’t Forget to Dream – Lack of Sleep Can Cause Serious Health Problems

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Sweet dreams and good health

Did you stay up all night? How long can you actually be awake? Yes, so many times we’ve been distracted by studying or work. But maybe you just wanted to stay at the party until the done.  No matter where we are, what time is, what we are dealing with – we just need to sleep. Lack of dream has unimaginable consequences for the general state of the organism, and only, there is no option that we can live without ‘time out.’ Do not deliberately ignore the need for sleep, because without quality dream you cannot function normally, and your body is physically and mentally threatened.

While we sleep, our body rests and regenerates. Only a person who sleeps enough can be in a good mood, full of energy, self-confident, healthy physically and mentally and therefore doing the job more comfortable and more successful.  Dream works favorably and reduces stress and depression and improves memory and learning. It also has a beneficial effect on muscle building and endurance.

How sleeping works to our body?

Increased Blood Pressure: Lack of sleep affects the increase of blood pressure, which in time can cause damage to the heart muscle, arteries, kidneys, and weakness or loss of vision, and many other diseases.

Negative Impact on Creativity: It is known that the brain spontaneously reorganizes the information, so it is not surprising that it is so difficult to concentrate and think new ideas when you are sleepless.

Irritability: A two-year study involving 78 people showed that lack of dream intensifies negative emotions. It also has a far more significant negative impact on mood than on the weakening of cognitive and motor skills.

Poor Test Results: Research has shown that students who have slept at least six hours a day had better results on tests. Different cycles take place in the brain during sleep, thanks to which information becomes part of the permanent memory. During sleep, metabolism and heart work also slow down, to ease the process.

Bad Decisions: Many brain regions play a role in making the right decisions, and the lack of dream causes a double reduction in their function.

Negative Impact on Libido: Sleep or Sex? When you are really exhausted, you can hardly choose, because the dream is falling in your eyes.

Obesity: A large number of studies have shown that lack of sleep accelerates the buildup of pounds. This problem is caused by disorders of the appetite-regulating hormone, and the leptin, a hormone that suppresses hunger, which can cause chronic overeating.

Emotional Eating: In a recent study involving 114 students, scientists have found that chances are that under the strong influence of emotions we will reach for food when we are exhausted.

Slow Reactions: If you have not secured enough time for rest, your brain will not have enough time to receive information, process them, and give an answer at the same speed. You will do the job successfully, but it will take you a lot more time.

Premature aging: Lack of sleep causes intensified secretion of different growth hormones, which give the skin firmness and prevents the formation of wrinkles. An elevated level of cortisol will cause collagen degradation, a protein that provides the skin with softness and elasticity.

Acne and pimples: If your body does not have enough time to rest and regenerate, the level of stress increases and the body reacts by producing more hormones than glucocorticoids. This causes a tissue structure disorder that will make your face more susceptible to acne and pimples. Lack of sleep also causes inflammation, which further aggravates skin irregularities.

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