Get Rid of the Pain: Here’s what to do with the ingrown nail!

Get Rid of the Pain: Here’s what to do with the ingrown nail!

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Nail growth into the flesh on the toe, also known as Onychocryptos is a widespread disease. It occurs when the nail grows, so it cuts and enters inside one or both sides of the paronychium, or the toenail simply overgrown toe skin. Although not quite dangerous, it can quickly move into inflammation and cause numerous health problems. If you want to prevent ingrown nail or fix the injury, here’s what you need to do …

What causes this nail disease?

– A lot of people cut their nails in the wrong way. Find proper tools and do it correctly so you will prevent troubles with ingrowing.

– Some of us have rapidly growing nails. They can grow quite fast during the pregnancy.

– Old nail injury or toe deformation can couse this condition, too.

– Wearing too tight shoes and giving so little space to your toes make nails ingrown to your skin.

– Flat feet or bad hitting is another reason why it occurs.

What are the consequences?

An ingrown nail quickly leads to inflammation of the paronychium. If it is not treated in time, inflammation can spread and penetrate the tissue, and it can also lead to surgery. The place where the toenail enters the flesh can easily be infected and soiled, as it creates an open wound.

How to treat an ingrown nail?

As soon as the inflammation calms down, treatment should begin. Soreness is solved by antibiotics (at the first signs). The safest solution is going to the pedicure, which will professionally repair the injury and cut the problematic nail.

What can we do at home?

  1. Make a warm bath for feet to scrub the skin and nails. You can do it with 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda per 5 liters of water or with salt, or bath with Hypermangan (Potassium Permanganate). Make a water temperature not more than 37 degrees. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Try to cut side ends of the nail. To ease this painful procedure, take a piece of the patch and apply it on the side of the toe alongside the nail, pull it aside and fix it to the inner surface. Thus, the area of the painful toenail will become more accessible. Try to put a small piece of cotton wool into the cut.
  3. Put a gauze, treated with the same substance, and wrap your toe with it.
  4. Repeat the procedure every 24 hours, with changing the bandage. Do it at least 12-14 days.

Slowly, the nail will rise above the soft tissue and gradually get out of it.

If in the first days you can not put a piece of cotton wool under your nail, place it on the side, soaked with an antiseptic softening agent – aloe or a honey and onion mixture (mix 1 teaspoon of honey with the average-size onion). Always wrap the toe, wash in the morning and try to pluck up the infected side of the nail.

It is essential to make paronychium more soften and change cotton wool and bondage on a daily basis.  Do the sharp parts of the toenail with a rasp.

And the tip for the future – do not forget to do the pedicure properly.

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