Get Rid Of Under Eyes Bags in Natural Ways

Get Rid Of Under Eyes Bags in Natural Ways

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Have you ever woke up in the morning with swollen eyes and dark circles beneath them? Surely you know we are talking about boring eyes bags. Swelling can be the result of stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and aging. Your eyes may look tired, and your face is older only for a few dark shadows under your eyes. These notorious spots can really disturb the beautiful and fresh look of the face. They are due to insufficiency or because of fatigue and stress or a wrong way of life. Whatever the reason for their appearance, we can quickly get them, but they are difficult to solve. Fortunately, there are ways to ease the blush without leaving aesthetic surgeon and without expensive creams.

Start eating citrus fruits

Vitamin C, which is rich in lemon and orange and other citrus fruits, correctly and efficiently clears the dark circles around the eyes and reduces the bags under the lower eyelids. Vitamin C strengthens collagen, which keeps the skin firm and elastic. So, if you’re bothered with dark circles around your eyes, reach for citrus fruits or make yourself delicious lemonade to which you can add other fruits.

Nourish the skin regularly

The trick in preventing dark circles around the eyes is in the daily skin care regimen. Do not skip the application of a face cream that will restore moisture and nutrients to your skin and give it a healthier and more hydrating appearance. After the creams, apply a corrector in the area below the eyes, which will reduce the dark circles and at the end a thin layer of powdered powders to have the perfect skin.

Enough sleep

Do not stay awake until late at night and sleep at least eight hours a day. Rest is not only healthy for the eyes but for the entire body.

Good old cucumber

Cucumbers are irreplaceable in the treatment of eyes that are overwhelming, much better than any cream. That’s why you always have them in the fridge. Sprinkle cucumbers on round slices and hold them in your eyes about 15 minutes each morning. Apples and potatoes can be used as an alternative to cucumber.

Cold tea bags

Take two tea bags (best green tea or chamomile), place them under a jet of cold water to soak and then in the fridge for a couple of hours to cool thoroughly. After that, remove the tea bags, lie down, put them in your eyes and hold tea bags for between half an hour and an hour. Then rinse your eyes with cold water and wipe your face with a towel.

Massage Oils

Massage the field around the eyes with almond or olive oil. This restores elasticity to the skin and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles. Olive oil is good for eyelash care. It extends them more than any mascara on the market.

Ice therapy

Treatment with ice is excellent against drowsiness. Take a few cubes of ice, wrap them in a cloth and put your eyes on. Hold for 10-15 minutes.

Drink more water

This is undoubtedly the easiest trick for removing the footprint. Namely, water helps to remove toxins from the body and at the same time reduce the amount of salt that is accumulated under the eyes.

Clean your makeup

Even though it acts as common advice, make sure that when you remove makeup, you have removed all the mascara and shadows around your eyes. Sometimes, ordinary makeup removers are not competent enough, so use eye-care products for the eye area.

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