Good Exercise – How to Choose the Right Protein Powder?

Good Exercise – How to Choose the Right Protein Powder?

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With intensive and regular exercise, it is also necessary to have the correct diet, so as the right schedule when and how much protein you enter into the body, same as when it’s time to boost energy. Proteins are necessary for the proper development of muscles, and they play a key role in building the muscle structure and weight loss. Most of the people who thoughtfully deal with going to the gym, lift weights or practice some other intense sports decide for one of the supplements or protein powder.

Protein powder is a great nutrition supplement, not a substitute. It is suitable because it does not require preparation time and you can consume a protein immediately after training. So in the right interval, you will give your muscles all necessary for building and recovery. If you decide to buy a powder container, then you need to be informed about the types and purposes of these protein powder supplements.

Whey Protein

This type comes with a lot of different tastes, and maybe it’s the most popular among athletes. Whey promotes muscle growth and reduces body mass. It should be consumed immediately after training. At the same time, this protein powder speeds up metabolism and has excellent benefits for the general health. However, take care when choosing a producer. Many of them add sweeteners to the powder. If you are intolerant of dairy products, egg whites can be a good substitute.

Casein Protein

It is obtained by the process of decomposition of milk, where milk proteins and carbohydrates are individually isolated. This protein powder has similar properties as whey, but the time of dissolution is somewhat slower. Therefore, it is recommended to have it in the resting period, more precisely before bedtime.

Peas and rice

Yellow peas protein is an excellent supplement for growth and muscle recovery. It is for regular training. Since it’s not the whole protein, it’s mostly meat with rice. This combination is a high protein powder option for someone who wants to see the visible results of the workout.


The protein from this plant is not complete, but it is essential for metabolism and muscle strength because hemp contains the necessary omega 3 acids that protect against inflammation. Protein powder from hemp with small amounts of protein is ideal for mixing with other supplements, such as peas powder.

Soy protein

Soy is one of the wealthiest protein sources among plants. They are found in soybeans from which the soybean flour or powder is obtained. By consuming this protein, not only is it working on the recovery and strengthening of the muscles, but also in the consolidation of the immune system and bones.

Suitably selected proteins with proper training must yield the desired results. Be careful when choosing a brand, amount and purpose of a protein that you will put into your diet. Avoid artificial, colored and sweetened products and always keep protein-based powders derived from nature

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