Great Ally for Your Beautiful Hairstyle – Vitamin C Repairing Power

Great Ally for Your Beautiful Hairstyle – Vitamin C Repairing Power

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Vitamin C

Have you ever heard? Vitamin C can be an excellent ally for a nurtured and beautiful hairstyle. We all know about vitamin B benefits on hair growth, but vitamin C also provides many advantages not only for the body but also to your hair. The best way to try its repairing power is to introduce it into your everyday life through nutrition. Change your diet and include vitamin C – reach food, full with antioxidants. It has antioxidant properties, similar to vitamin E or zink.

What happens to our hair and how vitamin C can repair it?

Free radicals can cause a lot of damage to hair, so it becomes fragile or weak. Vitamin C is useful because it protects it from free radicals, so if your hair is damaged and fragile take as much vitamin C as you can to restore hair.

It has so many benefits. If it is found in hair balm or in other products you use to shape hair, vitamin C can act as an antioxidant, in the same way as in skin creams. Helps to create collagen; actually, it is essential for the production of collagen in the body. It is responsible for rejuvenating the skin, strengthening the bones and your teeth and at the end of the hair, which makes it beautiful, nourished and healthy.

It helps you fight dandruff. Hair follicles are often clogged by dandruff and dry, scaly skin. This can damage the hair follicles and thus prevent hair growth. Vitamin C helps fight bacteria on the skin of the head. Removes dandruff, helps to remove the remains of the follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair. It also helps with dry skin, as well as head skin that persists you, because of its antiviral properties.

Prevents grey hair, because the gray hair is associated with aging. Vitamin C not only helps to combat hair recovery but at the same time helps you to preserve natural color by preventing premature aging of the hair. However, for now, there is limited research on this.

Helps hair growth. The biggest problem that a person can face is losing hair. Many reasons and factors affect hair and slow growth. Many studies claim that vitamin C has tremendous benefits for the recovery of your hair, and few studies confirm that vitamin C of hair can be an ally in hair growth. Vitamin C affects your overall health, including help in the production of collagen that strengthens and maintains the elasticity of the skin, bones and affects the recovery of the hair, giving it a healthy appearance.

Use vitamin C to remove hair dye

It happens often, women choose to dye hair by themselves. However, they do not know which color to pick or for how long to keep the dye on. They end up disappointed with the look. The color turned out too dark. If this happens to you, vitamin C can help. To avoid re-treatments, you can try this practical advice that can quickly bleach your hair.


Crush several vitamin C tablets to get powder and pour them into a small bowl. Then add a more substantial amount of shampoo in the pot, about a little more than you use when washing your hair. Mix these two ingredients well, so that they get a uniform mixture, with no clods. When using this mixture, the hair should be moist. Apply the mask throughout the length. Massage hair softly with your fingers for about ten minutes. It is important to rub your hair thoroughly to make sure that each strand is well covered with this mask. When you are sure that a mask is applied over every hair, comb your hair and put a shower cap on your head. The saved mask should stand for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, remove the cap from the head and rinse your hair thoroughly. To wash your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo and parabens. This hair removal treatment works with permanent color as well as in color shampoo.

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