Is Our Gut a Metter of Intelligence? What Does Your Intuition Say?

Is Our Gut a Metter of Intelligence? What Does Your Intuition Say?

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What really means to you the phrase “my guts telling me”? How many times your inner voice told you to do something, and you did not listen? You’re repenting. Women’s intuition is almost an instrument to determine what will happen and in what way. But, is intuition actually a part of human intelligence that man is not aware of, or is it a set of prejudices that arise from many outside factors?

What is your gut telling you?

A director of the Max Planck Institute specialized for Human Development, Gerd Gigerenzer, is also the writer of the book “The Gut of Feelings: the Intelligence of the Unconsciousness.” In his work, he explains that intuition, as instinctively, recognizes and understands the information that is necessary to solve the problem, rather than the actual knowledge of the solution of a situation from the previous experience. Gigerenzer also says about himself that he is an intuitive and rational person, that helps him a lot in scientific work.

People often have a feeling but not a real reason why they think something is acceptable or the opposite. The writer instructs his readers to be free and rely on their instincts. Like when you meet a soul mate or choose a day to call an old friend. You should let intuition lead you.

Having a bad feeling is a widespread phenomenon for all of us. These situations can be the product of earlier experience or the influence of others on us. However, intuition can sometimes be the only thing to get us out of bad situations. This is not a mere prediction of events, on the contrary. The brain calculates based on the experience and information what the future options are and warn you of specific problems.

Are intuitive people smarter?

Following the book, one reader asked the question of whether intuition is related to intelligence, or, are intuitive people actually more intelligent? Gigerenzer instinctively answered ‘yes’ with the explanation that those who seek knowledge and learn through their own thoughts are curious and instinctive beings.

If you rely solely on your instinct, sit and wait for the sign from heaven, then do not use your mind, the intelligence. But if you are thinking about different possibilities, then you are treating your mind by believing that your instinct will give you the right solution.

Intuition can also be seen as a form of collective intelligence. For example, the web design is organizing web pages today, so they are very intuitive to use, and you can easily access the requested data. Intuitive design is a design that most people can understand without any additional explanation.

Intuition should be fed with information and knowledge

How we can connect the gut with intelligence is that intuitive people are continually striving for learning and exploring new ideas and solutions. This way, you are practicing your mind that develops intuition more and more. Routine and static are enemies of clarity and intelligence. If you are stuck in your comfort zone, no one will consider in your intuition.

Almost all the great inventors and geniuses spoke transparently about relying on intuition in their great works. Intelligent people always do it. This feeling may be what pushes them across borders and creates extraordinary achievements.

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