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If you need to get rid of undesired pounds, you should definitely try Zumba dance! It makes losing pounds so exciting and incredibly productive with all those Latin beats and exotic dance moves! But if you crave to get rid of all that speed too, but still achieve weight –loss, you should try the merengue!

Being a folk dance by its origin, the merengue became one of the world’s most popular ballroom dances. What makes it so beautiful is that, unlike most other Latin dances, it requires only small steps and moves and it is mostly danced to slow pace.

This is the reason for so many health benefits, and the most important of all is that you enjoy dancing merengue which unconsciously leads to weight – loss and physical and mental well-being. The only thing which isn’t essential here is your age and current form, the certainty is that you will be able to express yourself through this dance type.

Before taking any prejudices into consideration, here are some reason why the meringue could be the right choice for you:

It takes care of your heart

Don’t get tricked by its slow tempos and movements, this is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise which means that not only fast dance moves will make you sweat and healthy. As distinct from all the other highly demanding activities, it will take care of your heart muscles without leaving you breathless and sweaty after only a few minutes.

Besides, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can be remarkably reduced, which prevents the risk of heart disease and strokes.

A way to weight – loss

Even though it involves less movement unlike other Latin dances, still there are a lot of movements there, especially of the upper body part, and a lot of different steps and variations to be learned. But Zumba wouldn’t be so exciting if you couldn’t speed up and variate all those moves to increase the excitement and burn calories !

It strengthens the bones and joints

As previously mentioned, taking these small steps could be a suitable manner to lower the risk of osteoporosis and to make a good impact to the joints which will lead and help with strengthening the bones, as scientists say.

According to doctors, females are more prone to cope with the mentioned disease than men, so this is a perfect and attractive way for a woman to cherish her well-being as well as the outer looks.

It can build your persistence

If you feel worn out after just doing the shopping, vacuuming the floor or walking your dog, this is a good way to enhance your endurability! The advantage of the meringue is that is not so physically demanding, and it gradually builds your resistance and also increases your optimal and physical limits so by the time you can achieve more!

It is an attractive way to build a self –  confidence

Learning a new skill doesn’t always have to be so stressful – this is the perfect example of it! On the contrary, it supports you to build and preserve your mental health, and it indeed enables you to increase your confidence! By increasing your confidence, you contribute to expressing your emotions and thoughts using body language that is, dancing itself.

A path leading to good social skills

Everything we do we have to cooperate with other people, so why not make it more interesting and fun?! As a type of social dancing, the merengue provides all the fun you need socializing with other people and continually meeting the new ones. Because that is what really makes it more beautiful and fun.

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