Healthy & Fun Breakfast For Your Kids

Healthy & Fun Breakfast For Your Kids

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The essential meal of the day without any doubt is breakfast, especially for kids, and healthy breakfast will not only have a positive impact on their bodies but also on their education.

Eating a well-balanced breakfast improves their intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, especially iron and vitamin C and in fact,  good meal provides one-third of the day’s energy, and nutrient children need.  Also, breakfast with family every morning is an excellent way to spend quality time together.

 “Power” Breakfasts That You Can Prepare to Your Hungry Kids

1.Quick scrambled eggs with a side of toast and fruit.  Get them done in less than two minutes while knowing you’re helping your child get a great start to the day. Include your kids in the preparation and make them chop some apples or peaches.

  1. Breakfast muffins are healthier with mashed banana and applesauce for natural sweetness or some blueberries and seeds for an extra nutritious hit
  2. Pancakes are always a hit upon kids. Greek yogurt pancakes will fill your kids up because they’re protein-packed but still pretty light and fluffy.
  3. Toast with peanut butter, almond butter or another spread that works for you are great for kids in the busy school morning with whole-grain bread, fruit.
  4. Breakfast banana split will get your kids digging into the fruit as you have never seen before. Make a colorful fruit pile that your kids can’t resist, chop all kind of fruits you have at home.
  5. Strawberry granola frozen yogurt bites with just three ingredients, you can make these and store them for kids to pick up and enjoy. This will give them a much-needed dose of calcium and a big energy boost to start off their day.
  6. Bagel and cream cheese with slices of tomato and cucumber. Upgrade a boring breakfast by creating faces out of healthy ingredients. You can also give your little ones an assortment of vegetables and let them play with their food.
  7. French toast with berries is very nutritious. Between the whole grain bread, cottage cheese, and berries with maple syrup will give your kids energy for the rest of the day.

9.Blueberry citrus shake, refreshing, nutritious and ready in a minute. Put some banana, berries, milk or yogurt, and few lemon drops and mix it.

  1. A warm bowl of oatmeal is a kid-friendly morning meal with benefits. Put some color by adding chopped apple, sliced banana or dried cherries or cranberries with a teaspoon of sugar, honey, or maple syrup.

Great Breakfast Includes Three Food Groups

Among thinking about what to give your kids for breakfast, consider these healthy items for a balanced meal:

-Whole grains such as oatmeal, high-fiber cereal, whole-grain toast or bagel

-Protein which includes eggs, beans, nuts  lean turkey

-Fruits like berries, apples, melons, bananas

Tips for Making a Healthy Meal

-Get the right mix by choosing one of the three food groups, protein, whole grain, and fruit, to create a healthy, balanced breakfast.

-Give them small portions or think quality, not quantity. Younger kids really can’t handle significant portions so instead of expecting your kid to eat an entire piece of toast or whole banana, for instance,  split it in half.

-Make breakfast the night before.  You can boil some eggs o oatmeal and put these items in the fridge for the next morning.

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