Heaty or Healthy? Durian is Notorious Fruit But Favorite Dessert in Asia

Heaty or Healthy? Durian is Notorious Fruit But Favorite Dessert in Asia

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Every person who has ever traveled to South Asia had the opportunity to taste but also to smell Durian – Asian most favorite, but at the same time,  shocking and so weird food. Tourists will be amazed and then curious to try it. Still, looking at the huge Durian markets in China and local people eating a ton of this exotic fruit every day, it makes no sense. Why? Well, Durian is stinking.

Stinky fruits with an alien look

Durian grows to the size of one foot, reaching a weight of two to seven pounds. It is oval and has a peel covered with spears. The eatable part is in the inside. However, something that is going over the edge of its alien appearance is certainly its smell. A persistent odor that extends out of the bark and can be held for a long time in the room, even in the open space. The smell can remain present for hours. Interesting thing –  this is a very popular treat in Asia. The Chinese consider durian a king among the fruits.

Durian has a substantial nutritional value

The fruit is richly creamy and has a taste similar to almonds. It is eatable after it fell to the ground, and has a concise period when it can be consumed. Durian is very healthy food, rich in iron, vitamin C and potassium.

It improves muscle strength, skin health and lowers blood pressure. It also contains double as much fiber than many fruits we consider healthy foods. However, it is not recommended to exaggerate eating.

Shanghuo – fruits that overheat the body

Shanghuo is a Chinese term that indicates an unpleasant body heat or fever.

Durian has a ‘heaty’ properties. Those who tried this fruit could feel the temperature of the body slowly grow, that is, the senses of hyperthermia. This unpleasant overheating negatively affects the health and severity of the state of the body. Many random hospitalizations have been reported because of the Durian consumption,  and even some deaths are believed to be associated with this food. Many Asian countries prohibit the sale of fruits during hot summer days, but only after sunset, when the temperature is lower. The “heating” power comes from a huge amount of calories, fats, and sugar. It is desirable to consume something that will ‘cool’ it like coconut water or tea.

What you didn’t know about the Durian

In 1856, Alfred Russel Wallace described the fruits as a creamy-almond flavor, as well as cream cheese, onion-sauce, sherry wine, and other unsuitable dishes in a letter to Sir Villy Jackson Hooker. Again, the breath after eating it will be like giving you a French kiss of a dead grandmother, Wallace described. This may be one of the most accurate durian descriptions ever.

Because of the specific organoleptic characteristics, durians are prohibited in public transport in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In these places, you can spot signs of the crossed Durian on the bus stops and taxi stations.

Exotic fruits originate from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Borneo, but are found in other parts of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand. It is challenging to cultivate it, and it is necessary to have specialized knowledge about when the fruit is ready for consumption. Due to the specific smell, this is one of the most expensive fruits for export and transport to other parts of the world. This is the reason why it can be found only in Asia, but not on the western market’s shelves.

As a specific and popular species originating from these parts, it is a symbol often taken in the traditional culture of many ancient peoples. Today, his strange spiked shape was an inspiration for one of the most modern buildings in Singapore, the Esplanade building, next to Marina Bay. The structure is composed of two oval sections covered with aluminum ornaments, which resemble the spikes, and the whole architecture is reminiscent of the halved durian.

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